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Stuff My Kids Got For Christmas 2013

We had a great Christmas 2013! The kids all got pretty much what they asked for so they were happy! Of course, as a guilt-ridden mother, it didn’t matter how much money I spent or how many packages I wrapped or how many stores I went to find the right thing. I was tormented on Christmas Eve...

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Left Behind Little Sister

It’s no fun being the little sister who gets left behind. As the youngest kid in a big family, I know exactly how she felt. A couple weeks ago my husband Robert scored a couple of OU tickets. He was planning on taking our oldest daughter, Juliette, but unfortunately, she had to work. So, he...

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Wild Kratts Birthday

Wild Kratts Birthday Party My son Sullivan loves the PBS show Wild Kratts so this year we threw him a Wild Kratts birthday party. We kept the party super small because we hired Extreme Animals of OKC to bring some fun animals over to help us celebrate. A middle-aged mother who is skittish around...

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