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Child Abuse Prevention Day at the Oklahoma Capitol

I drove by the Colcord Center the other day and noticed somebody had wrapped the spindly bare branches of their crepe myrtles with bright blue plastic…Read More »

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Every year, we try to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade here in Oklahoma City. Last year, they changed the parade route from Automobile Alley…Read More »

Western Oklahoma

[365 Days of Me Not Blogging] Here’s me not blogging driving out to Western Oklahoma. Thankfully, I was not blown off the road and into this…Read More »

Conversations When I Wasn't Blogging

[365 Days of Me Not Blogging] This not blogging stuff is pretty fun. Here is me not blogging talking to Bridgy at bedtime. BRIDGY: Is God…Read More »

Snow Days, #Snowquake, Weatherization [Field Journal: Weeks 48 and 49]

By 2 p.m. on Thursday, roads in Oklahoma City were pretty hazardous. Yesterday, they called a snow day. Yea! I spent two hours going to five…Read More »

Geodesic Pop-Up Shops

One of the cooler things I’ve seen come to Oklahoma City, and wow, I bet this took a big team to pull this off: Geodesic pop-up…Read More »

Pomegranates, Wildscapes, Thanksgiving

My heart is a pomegranate full of sweet fancies, To crimson with sunshine and swell with the dew. Warmed by your smile and besprent by your…Read More »

Field Journal: Week 47

I mentioned in last week’s field journal that I was in the midst of rebranding my site. I have been working on this project a little…Read More »

Creative Thanksgiving Greeting from Eastern Oklahoma County

Styrofoam Greeting There are some super nice folks who live along the winding roads of Eastern Oklahoma County. Check out this Happy Thanksgiving greeting they fashioned…Read More »

Red Barns and Autumn Road

Fall is what happens. Autumn is how you experience it. –Starbucks Tweet Here’s some weekend reading for this, the 45th weekend of the year! Have a…Read More »

Falling Leaves in Oklahoma

I don’t think there’s been an autumn when so many yellow leaves have fallen and still so many green leaves were left on the trees. Winters…Read More »

Mother of Missing Son August Reiger Paints Stunning Self-Son Portraits

“The brilliant poppy flaunts her head Amidst the ripening grain, And adds her voice to sell the song That August’s here again.” –Helen Winslow Like so…Read More »

Heritage Hills in Autumn

Sweet Bridgy brought me a handful of autumn goodies yesterday. She found all these things on the grounds of the Overholser Mansion. I showed her how…Read More »

Oklahoma Gazette Halloween Parade 2013

I tried out the Nikon D600 at the Oklahoma Gazette’s Annual Halloween Parade. As usual, I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing, but I…Read More »

The Magic Fairies Ball, Peace to All

This blog post originally aired on KOSU Radio, Tuesday, September 17, 2013. This Saturday, the trailing edge of the sun will slip below the horizon at…Read More »

We're Going on an Osage Orange Hunt

The Osage Orange and November in Oklahoma. We’re going on an Osage Orange hunt.  We’re going to catch a big one.  What a beautiful day!  We’re…Read More »

The Big Texan Inn and the Cadillac Ranch

…When that sun is high in that Texas sky I’ll be bucking at the county fair. Amarillo by morning, Amarillo I’ll be there.  – From Straight…Read More »

The Historic Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66

“When Route 66 was closed to the majority of traffic and the other highway came in, I felt just like I had lost an old friend.…Read More »

Route 66: The Lasso Motel

The Lasso Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico was bulldozed in February 2010. Who knows when it roped in its last customer, but as far back as…Read More »

John Johansen and the OKC Children's Museum

[Turtle Tuesday] Meet me at the wrecking ball.Wear something pretty and white.–Neil Young Look at the glorious architectural rendering of the Oklahoma City Children’s Museum, a…Read More »

OKC's Asian District Remembers Fall of Saigon

Imagine holding civilians at bay, when every last fiber of your being wants to bring them with you…Peter W. Owens, Marine Poems on the Fall of Saigon I…Read More »

Myriad Gardens Children's Playground

[Earth Day Meditation] This is my Father’s world.He shines in all that’s fair.In the rustling grass, I hear Him passHe speaks to me everywhere. – Maltbie Davenport…Read More »

Discovering Butterflies in Oklahoma City

We love to take walks through our Oklahoma City neighborhood, especially during spring when flowers and trees are in bloom. The kids can get laser-focused on…Read More »

St. Patrick's Day Parade, Oklahoma City [Slideshow]

Check it out! They even painted their toenails green. Nice touch, Dogs! Today was the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Oklahoma City. Here are some of…Read More »

This Oklahoma Life: Homies, Backyard Chickens and Mama E's Soul Food

“…When you sing before him don’t you worry, you’ll be good enough.” –Kevin Costner on Whitney Houston singing before God I watched Whitney Houston’s funeral off…Read More »

This Oklahoma Life: Kaiser's Soda Fountain

I’ve continued the tradition this year of taking my kids on mini after-school adventures. I wish I could have planned more, but I have a few more places…Read More »

This Oklahoma Life: MLK Day

A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent.–Martin Luther King, Jr.  Such a distinguished looking man. I bet he’s seen a lot.  There was a…Read More »

Fall Colors in Oklahoma

…I wallowed in the springtimeNow I’m welcoming the fallFor every moment of joyEvery hour of fearFor every winding road that brought me hereFor every breath, for…Read More »

This is like summer to me

Frenchy: So, what did you do this summer? Sandy: Oh, I spent most of it at the beach. I met a boy there. – From Grease,…Read More »

Bridgy, I love the way you dress yourself.

…And all I ever have to beIs what you’ve made me.Any more or less would be a stepOut of your plan. As you daily recreate me,Help…Read More »

Rain on the 4th of July

Today was the annual 4th of July bike, stroller and wagon parade and brunch in our Oklahoma City neighborhood. Things started out well, despite an early morning…Read More »

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