The Jennifer Chronicles

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One day, my son came home from Kindergarten and said, “There are a lot of Jennifer moms in my class.” Jennifer is one of the top five most popular names for girls in the last 100 years.

In 2012, CBS Sunday Morning aired a story about a reunion of Bettys via the Betty Club in Hastings, Nebraska. Check out Betty: What’s in a name?  So, in 2013, I started a Facebook page for all the Jennifers of the World: The Jennifer Chronicles. Jennifers of all spelling variations (Jen, Jenny, Gennifer, etc.) and those who love them are welcome to follow.

Jennifer and Heather

[The Jennifer Chronicles] I found these pictures of “Jennifer and Heather” on Flickr. They were made available under the Blogger-share function, so I created a collage…Read More »

Disco Jennifer

[The Jennifer Chronicles] I couldn’t sleep last night and so I got up and started poking around You Tube for a song about Jennifer for the…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #93: Birthday Girl, 1971; Captain Zoom Wishes Jennifer Happy Birthday

A girl named Jennifer (the little Gen Xer pictured in the middle) celebrates her birthday | 1971 Somewhere in the world is someone named Jennifer and today…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #92: Fisher Price Jenny Doll

Jenny’s the brunette in the upper left corner. My dad bought me “Mary” for Christmas 1975. I still have her!Read More »

Viral Photo Essay of Jennifer, Who Loved It All [Jennifer Chronicles #89]

[The Jennifer Chronicles] Angelo and Jennifer | Wedding Day, September, 2007 Photo credit: Rich Bogart “I loved it all.” — Jennifer Merendino Have you seen…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #88: World War II, British Orphans and the Silent Generation

[The Jennifer Chronicles] This post should be of interest to all you Downton Abbey fans as it pertains to World War II and British orphans. It’s…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #87: Easter Sunday, 1960s

 The Jennifer Chronicles: A different girl named Jennifer every day for one year. A girl named Jennifer with her brother on Easter Sunday, 1960s.  Bob and…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #86: Johnny Liebt Jenny

Oh my gosh, it’s been so long since I heard this song! Remember Chilly, the German band from the early 1980s? Here’s a song they did…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #85 Easter Egg Coloring; Harvest Gold Refrigerator

[The Jennifer Chronicles: A different Jennifer every day for a year.] This picture was taken around Easter 1983. What a great time capsule! I’m digging the…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #84: Little Red Boat Named Jennifer

A little red boat named Jennifer. Redcar, England, GB | via Steve Bridge on FlickrRead More »

Jennifer Chronicles #83: Obituaries

I first got the idea for The Jennifer Chronicles when I read this piece in the Boston Globe a few years ago. It was written by…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #88: Who Killed Jennifer

Jennifer Odom was killed in 1993. She was 12-years-old. Her cold case was just assigned a dedicated detective.Read More »

Here Is Me In My Easter Dress, 1973

I’ve been meditating lately on the stories my father told me about Palm Sunday and Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Even though I knew how the…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #71: Yesterday Once More

[The Jennifer Chronicles] …It was songs of love thatI would sing to thenAnd I’d memorize each wordThose old melodiesStill sound so good to meAs they melt…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #67: WW I Jenny Plane

Jenny was the backbone of American post-war aviation. The Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny” that is. It was a series of biplane aircraft built by the Curtiss Aeroplane…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #66 Always Ask For Jenny

The history of Genesee beer dates back to the days before prohibition. This is a vintage Genesee ash tray from the days when they still referred…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #52

As my own children grow older, I’m reminded of what a difference just a few years can make. This definitely bears out in the above pictures…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #49

Jennifer Lawrence who won the Oscar last night for Best Actress (Silver Linings Playbook) is not the first Jennifer to win an Academy Award for acting.…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #48

I’m behind on my year-long project, The Jennifer Chronicles. I’m beating myself with a wet noodle even if nobody besides me has missed these entries. Today’s…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #45

My mom came over to see me tonight and while she was here she told me she’d come across a pillow she’d made me of a…Read More »

The Jennifer Chronicles #44

The following is a love poem by the 19th Century essayist Leigh Hunt. My dad recited this to me many times growing up. He is really…Read More »

Jennifer Jones Won't Leave Me Alone

[The Jennifer Chronicles]A different Jennifer every day for one year. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which makes Jennifer Jones Won’t Leave Me Alone a perfect candidate for…Read More »

Acrostic Name Poem

[The Jennifer Chronicles] Jennifer Join us in a big hurrah,Enlist all your friends,Next time someone mentions her,No need to pretend,In knowing that she’s the best,For about…Read More »

First Communion, 1971

[The Jennifer Chronicles] Screenshot from Mary Block on Flickr. Jennifer, 1971. First Communion.Read More »

Jennifer by Styx

[The Jennifer Chronicles] One of my favorite songs from my high school days is Desert Moon by Dennis DeYoung of Styx fame. Eight years earlier, he…Read More »

The Hollies Perform Jennifer Eccles, 1968

[The Jennifer Chronicles] I’m not sure how I’ve managed to live all these years and never hear the song Jennifer Eccles by The Hollies. It reached #7…Read More »

Jennifer Jennifer Come To Us

His nursery song, Jennifer Jennifer by Muffin Songs.Read More »

Retro Webbed Lawn Chairs from the 70s

[The Jennifer Chronicles] I found this great series of photos of a Jennifer that were taken in 1974. They feature a bunch of great 70s styles…Read More »

Jenny From the Blog

Jennifer Chronicles I’ve found another 40-something Jen who blogs about Generation X and motherhood. I’m not unique. Bwaaaahhhhhhh.  Jenny is a humor columnist, on-air lifestyle expert,…Read More »

Square Pegs, Valley Girls and Jennifer DiNuccio

[The Jennifer Chronicles]  Square Pegs was one of many teen sitcoms created during the 1980s for the Generation X demographic. It aired during the 1982-83 season…Read More »

Jennifer in Ambient Light

[The Jennifer Chronicles]A year-long photo adventure exploring the life and times of Jennifers the world over. The Flickr user EMS 18 has shared with the world…Read More »

Jennifer, Troop 349

A girl named Jennifer in her Brownie Uniform | 1991 | via dwflake on Flickr with CC LicenseRead More »

The History of the Garage

[Infographic Monday] I got a kick out of this infographic, The History of the Garage from IFA Insurance Company. It’s changed significantly throughout the generations. We’ve…Read More »

Punk Rock Jennifer

[The Jennifer Chronicles] I wish I had more time to bear witness to the collective memoir of Generation X through the Jennifer Chronicles. Work and home…Read More »

Jennifer Brownies

Brownies 1981 [The Jennifer Chronicles] I bet there were a ton of Girl Scouts and Brownies named Jennifer during the 70s and 80s, although I’ve only…Read More »

Rare Model Airplane, Jenny JN-7H Barnstormer WWI Biplane More »

African American Jennifers

The Chronicles of Jennifer: A different Jennifer every day for a year. In commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I thought it would be…Read More »

The Jennifer books that were a take-off on Blume's Are You There God It's Me Margaret

Six of Jane Sorenson’s books in the Jennifer Series In 1970, Judy Blume published Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. The name of this blog…Read More »

Personality types, street photography and writing in the deep end

The Jennifer Chronicles are starting to wear me out and it’s only January 19. Since I’m the boss of my blog (ha!) I guess I can…Read More »

Jennifer Playing with Donny and Marie

[Flashback Friday] I received this set of Donny and Marie dolls for my 11th birthday. I bet a bunch of Generation X girls received these dolls…Read More »

The Jennifers: Two Indie Bands and A Self-Absorbed Trio

Big Time Rush Jennifers The other night I was watching the premier of the Carrie Diaries with my 15-year-old. During the show a reference was made…Read More »

"Jen's 16th B-Day Party" Punk Rock Flyer

This is a 1995 flyer from a punk rock concert in San Pedro, California. It was billed as Jen’s 16th Birthday and featured punk bands FYP…Read More »

Jennifer Jo Cobb

I may not be a NASCAR fan, but I don’t completely live under a rock. I’ve heard of Danica Patrick AND Lightning McQueen. Mario Andretti, too.…Read More »

Jennifer Nicholson in Houndstooth

The little girl in this picture is Jennifer Nicholson, daughter of the famous actor Jack Nicholson. She was born on September 13, 1963. You can read…Read More »

Jennifer Sands: The Face on the Milk Carton

Jennifer Sands was the name of the missing girl featured in the 1995 movie, The Face on the Milk Carton. You may recall, Kellie Martin had…Read More »

Famous Jennifers in Seventeen Magazine

The Jennifer Chronicles was actually an idea for a blog I tossed around with a couple of my Gen X girlfriends. They’re both named Jennifer and…Read More »

867-5309: Jenny with a Y, I got your number.

[Flashback Friday] “Jenny is a regular girl, not a hooker…” –Jim Keller, Lead Guitarist, Tommy Tutone, People Magazine, 1982 Tommy Tutone | Jenny, I got your…Read More »

Jennifer The Muse

In 2007, Flickr user P.S. Zollo was inspired to write the following prose for a woman named Jennifer he saw sitting at an outdoor cafe on…Read More »

Jennifer North

I discovered the other day that in 1967, actress Sharon Tate played Jennifer North in Valley of the Dolls. I previously thought Jennifer Cavilleri in Love…Read More »

Jennifer Sey: The Olympic Gold Medalist That Might Have Been

Jennifer Sey, Goodwill Games, 1984 Jennifer Sey (b. 1969) was a highly decorated, elite gymnast. She was the 1986 National Gymnastics Champion and was considered the…Read More »

Jenni with an i

This is Jenni from Heathersett, a large village in the county of Norfolk, England. The picture was taken in 1982. Other than the fact this is…Read More »

Jennifer Chronicles #6

Here is Jenny, a perfect Sunday subject for today’s Chronicles of Jennifer post. This was taken in 1978 at her First Communion in Potomac, Maryland. It’s…Read More »

The Jennifer Chronicles #5

Jennifer Bender with President Jimmy Carter, 1976 | via The Oregonian on Flickr. I remember when Jimmy Carter was elected President. It was 1976 and we…Read More »

The Jennifer Chronicles #4

I’m four days into the Chronicles of Jennifer, keeping good on my promise of one Jennifer every day for a year. April or October might be…Read More »

Plaid Pants on Jennifer

This is Jennifer, last name unknown. The photo was with a Konica camera in 1972 or 1973. I think it was taken in Norway, based on…Read More »

The Jennifer Chronicles: Second Hand Smoke

Photo via tomclen on Flickr | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | Shared via the Blogger Share Function Pictures Tell Stories About Generations So, why a Jennifer every…Read More »

One Jennifer Every Day For A Year

Jennifer (left) 1977 | From the Leri Family on Flickr | Creative Commons Applies Goody barrettes were a staple of my Generation X childhood.  I was…Read More »

The Jennifer Chronicles: 365 Jennifers

Read More »

To All The Jennifers I've Loved Before

[KOSU Commentary] It never occurred to me when I was a kid, that one day my bouncy, youthful name, Jennifer, would go the way of Myrtle…Read More »

The Jennifer Chronicles

Jennifer Juniper, rides a dappled mare,Jennifer Juniper, lilacs in her hair. –From Donovan’s Jennifer Juniper Ali Magraw playing Jennifer in Love Story with Ryan O’Neal. One day,…Read More »

Jennifer Government and The Democratic Republic of Gen X Men

Your world was made up of things sweet and good My world could never fit in, I wish it could – From Miller and West In…Read More »

The promise of Jennifers

An article by writer Jennifer Graham appeared in Friday’s Boston Globe, The Rise and Fall of Jennifers. It’s a terrific piece about the once-youthful name now in rapid decline. Not only has…Read More »

Jennifer goes the way of Myrtle

As you might have guessed by my URL, I was born in the Year of our Lord 1967. It was a fine year. Vietnam ended, sort…Read More »

jennifers on seventenn

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