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That your cAHfeeeeeee, momma?

Some mornings feel unbearable. I drag out of bed after a restless night of bottle feedings and soggy diapers. (The Baby B turns nine months old today and still WILL NOT sleep through the night.) Occasionally, S has a bad dream and yells out in the middle of the night – usually just after getting B to sleep and drifting off again myself.

When I’m tired, I face the day with dread. Then, something nothing short of magical happens. SL hears me coming down the stairs and runs to greet me. “HI MOMMA!” he shouts. His light burns bright. He is so pure. The worries of the day are cushioned by his love and the sense of purpose he gives me. I pour my faithful cup of java and plop on the couch. “That your cAHfeeeeeee, momma?” He asks me this every morning. After this brief exchange, I’m completely good to go. SL has infused me with the strength I need to put one foot in front of the other. Thank you, Lord, for S.

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