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This Little Light of Mine

Juliette graduated from 4th grade on Friday. Here is a picture of her with two people who have prayed for us and our daughter for six and a half years. Sending J to a private school has been an enormous sacrifice. We have taken only two trips out of state in six years. We drive old cars, shop garage sales, and thrifts stores, and we buy new shoes at Wal Mart and Payless. Trips to the mall are kind of shocking experiences for us, even if we do eat out way too much.

Our decision to send Juliette to this school – to keep her there all these years – has been a private one, and not something I share with many people, and certainly not in this blog. This has taught me that we seldom really know all the reasons people do the things they do, and we should never think we have people figured out. They will always surprise us, and we might be embarrassed in discovering that what we thought we knew about someone was actually completely wrong.

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