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Today, Robert and I were reminiscing about one of our more embarrassing gaps in knowledge, which some might characterize as poor judgment.

A few years ago, I thought it would be cute to make my son a ninja and my daughter a geisha for Halloween. The costumes were a last-minute purchase for this busy mom, and truthfully, two of the last ones on the rack. The “geisha” costume actually said “Japanese Princess.” That’s a geisha, right? Someone skilled in the fine art of, um, pouring tea, and um, pouring some more tea, and um, pouring some tea and stuff.

Um. No.

Unfortunately, more than a year would pass before Robert and I would discover my utter ignorance. One night, we rented the movie, Memoirs of a Geisha. We both just sat catatonic on the couch staring at one another. We’d made our daughter a Japanese companion to men for Halloween!!!! As the free dictionary reports, a geisha is a, ummmmmm, never mind. You go look it up for yourself.

How could this happen? How could I have missed this? I bought Memoirs of a Geisha when it came out, and I intended to read it, I just never did. And, Robert! He lived in Asia for a year! He’s read at least 600 history books. How could he not know what a geisha was? We took her to the church fall fest and told everyone she was a geisha. We took her to the Catholic school carnival and told the nuns she was a geisha.

At least the gap in my knowledge was not so wide that I didn’t know exactly what a ninja was. Thus, making my 1-year-old a Japanese agent of espionage, sabotage, and assassination would be a lapse in judgment, right?

Absolutely not. He was utterly cool donning that eyeliner.
It’s good to know I’ve got everything together this year. The kids are all going to be fire-breathing dragons or dice or something that will really give them issues when they grow up — cute black and yellow velvet bumble bees. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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  1. Debra W

    So funny, but they look absolutely adorable. Your children are so beautiful.


  2. JenX67

    As usual, the book is better than the movie. Honestly, that movie was less than memorable, and almost intolerable to get through. Another great example of this is Joy Luck Club – movie vs. book.

  3. Jennifer K

    Yes, Jen, go read “Memoirs of a Geisha.” I loved that book.

    And I love your kids costumes. The eyebrows on your baby are cracking me up!

  4. Steph

    I love the eyebrows on the little guy! The costumes are wonderful, even if they aren’t so much age-appropriate, lol. I bet people just thought “Mulan” when they saw her though.

    Hilarious about your “discovery”!

    _Memoirs of a Geisha_ is a fabulous book, so much better than the movie. A must-read!

  5. Daddy Forever

    Your son looks like a combo between Uncle Fester (Addams Family) and a ninja.

    On the geisha issue, I’m not certain how much of that novel/movie is true. I’m sure some geisha gave their bodies to men, but there are probably some who didn’t too.

  6. Berlinkat

    Oh my…hilarious! I know what you mean though…sometimes something seems like such a good idea and then you get a little bit more details, and whoa, the situation is transformed. I suppose it’s true that ignorance is bliss…so why do I always want to *know*? Happy Halloween!

  7. miruspeg

    How funny Jen, I certainly got a giggle out of this posting.
    You were probably safe in the knowledge that 99 out of 100 people didn’t know the real meaning of geisha or ninja for that matter.
    Perhaps you had better check out the “black and yellow velvet bumble bees….just in case!

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