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“This is our revolution: Integrity”

Chris from Georgia writes:

So here we are, quiet, sneaking our revolution past you, in the privacy of our own homes. Our hard lives and our personal struggles have created a very tough generation. We are using this toughness to insulate our children from the complex world you created. Our revolution started late, so we will not turn our backs on it for personal success. Greed will not overtake us, neither will lust, neither will anything else for that matter. Our values are the results of our disappointments and failures, as well as our successes. We hold our values dear, and will to the grave. These values are love, truth, compassion, justice, opportunity, among others. We are proud of our values, for we have truly earned them. But as abrasive and revolting as we can be, we intergrate our values into our daily life. This is our revolution: Integrity.

The link to this blog is no longer available.

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