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Fall Foliage in Oklahoma City

Autumn has arrived in our neighborhood, and willfully pushed out her annoying, bikini-clad younger sister, Summer. Summer thinks she’s so hot with her pricey sunglasses and fake tan. Actually, summer is hot. I don’t like her very much.

If fog comes on little cat feet, autumn in Oklahoma comes on the exiting wing of a Ruby throat hummingbird. Ruby left us about two weeks ago. We won’t see her again for a long time.

When I was little, my brother Billy told me if I ate these red berries, I’d die. He also told me if birds ate them, their stomachs would explode and they’d die. A little sister always believes everything her older brother tells her, no matter how old they both get.

Why can’t fall last longer?

Summer and Winter overstay their welcome. Autumn is the friend you long to see – the one that doesn’t care what your house looks like or what you look like. She comes for hot, black coffee. She listens. I want her to stay longer, but some evil velocity beyond our control carries her away. In Oklahoma, it is the wind. Today, the sky was raining all these leaves, which I photographed early Saturday evening.

I want to scoop them up and put them back on the trees. Please, stay a few more days.

Autumn is like that friend we’ve all had who moved away and left us alone on the block with no one to play with.

I miss her and she hasn’t even left yet.

A day does not pass that I do not give thanks for blessings.

No one paints like the Father of Lights.

Look how beautifully He painted these two.

Ahhh, night is falling. This boy will be asleep soon.

I want to be a gnome for a day and claim this tree for my palace.

This vine-covered tree will be my secret hideout!

The sun is setting. I’ve been walking for an hour. It’s time to go home.

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. miruspeg

    What a delight to revisit this post nearly a year later!
    It was lovely reading your words and viewing the photos again Jen.
    Big hugs

  2. JenX67

    It’s hard to believe, but many of the leaves that I photographed on Saturday all over the ground today. =(

  3. hester

    Hi Jen. I just popped in to see your take on the election (we are all watching with great interest and hope the future for America is bright) but was instead blown away by your stunning autumn photos. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.

    Heather (Le’s friend in Brissy)

  4. McMGrad89

    I saw you over at Miruspeg’s (Peggy’s blog) as having received her nod as a Superior Scribbler. I would have to agree. This is one mode of expression I have not mastered. I am very expository in my style, while yours is definitely poetic. Your photos are gorgeous and the way you describe them is uplifting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Daddy Forever

    It doesn’t get too hot here in the summer so I like spring, summer, and early fall. After that, it’s just rain, gloom, and cold.

  6. miruspeg

    Hello again Jen….love your new header.

    Pop on over to my blog, I have a surprise there for you.


  7. CGDK

    those leaves look just beautiful -wonderful work with your camera

  8. Lorrie Veasey

    Absolutely beautiful. That’s it: I’m moving to the burbs tomorrow.

  9. Anonymous

    Seeing this insite into a moment in life made me step back from life to see what is really important. Things like why we are here and how lucky I am to have you in my life. If I didn’t know you I would want to know you, I might even feel a compeling need to know you. Thank you for this snapshot of our lives. You make me happy. And after looking from the outside in at this one hour out of our lives I feel closer to you. You are a wonderful woman, wife, mom and friend. RLM

  10. Steph

    Lovely! The leaves and your family…

  11. Anonymous

    Great short story about a family on a walk. Made me want to go on more before the season ends. RLM

  12. Kristen

    what a beautiful walk

  13. Le @ third on the right and cold peas

    Jen just amazing … and Autumn is my fav too – ain’t that the way 🙂

    I don’t mind winters (like we really have one here – not), I am fine with spring but I don’ dig summer – not at all.

    Your images are beuutiful – full of nature and nurture – hugs to you babe – le

  14. miruspeg

    What an absolutely beautiful post Jen. Yours words were just as lovely as the photos.

    Poetry in motion….you sure have talent girl.


  15. Anonymous

    I want to walk with you…


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