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Atomic Veterans: May your feet be jubilant today, Daddy

Operation Ivy and Atomic Veterans

Operation Ivy and Atomic Veterans

My father’s Operation Ivy Certificate from the U.S Navy

“Mushroom Mike.” My dad, an Atomic Veteran, witnessed this.

Atomic Veterans

The certificate in my special Veteran’s Day masthead above belonged to my father, who is an Atomic Veteran. Learn more about Atomic Veterans and Operation Ivy, which my dad participated in during the fall of 1952.

My father was very proud of this certificate, which I had framed several years ago to remind me of my father’s sacrifice for our country. He often told us about his exposure to radiation during these tests. He was proud of his service in the U.S. Navy. He loved the sea, but was always sad when he talked about those tests and possible effects of radiation.

Studies show that Navy personnel who participated in atomic bomb tests after World War II have a higher death rate than other sailors. Exposure to these tests have been linked to diseases like my dad suffers from including Alzheimer’s and Pick’s Disease. Some sailors have received reparations, but not my dad.

P.S. The painting of the sailor and Jesus is my father. He had this painting on silk done when he was just 17-years-old. My dad crushed the serpent with his heel many times for me.

Happy Veteran’s Day, Dad!


P.S. Special thanks to my husband Robert for digging this certificate out of the trash the day we all met to pack up my dad’s stuff and take him to the nursing home. I’d forgotten about that until I showed him this masthead and he reminded me of his heroic effort! Robert is a history buff and knew about Operation Ivy and the significance of these atomic tests and atomic veterans. Thanks, Rob.

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  1. Le @ third on the right and cold peas

    Hello hon – I love the sailor image of your dad with Jesus minding and working with him – says so many things – biggest hugs le

  2. LT Nixon

    And I always thought Operation Ivy was a band. My Grandpa was at Hiroshima one month after the bomb dropped. Crazy Times.

  3. Wek

    Whoa. I can’t imagine witnessing a nuke in person. Even on TV it scares the hell outta me (maybe that’s a reaction from seeing the movie “The Day After” as a kid?).

  4. Lorrie Veasey

    This is the type of post that reminds me of how much the sacrifices of everyday people like your dad should be honored. Thanks for reminding me that Veterans Day is so much more than a Tuesday off from school.

  5. Anonymous

    This is beautiful! You can see why I fell in love with this man. He looked exactly like the photo of him in his whites, tan with golden hair, when I first met him over 50 years ago. I am very proud of him and all the brave souls that have served and are serving this GREAT NATION we hold so dear. Thanks for displaying “Old Glory.” She is a
    Grand Old Flag! Loved the music.

  6. JenX67

    MUFFIN MAN: Just between you and me – Robert dug this certificate out of the trash at my dad’s apartment when we were packing up his stuff to put in storage – to take him to the nursing home. I had forgotten that. When I showed Robert the masthead he said, “Hey, I dug that out of the trash that day at your dad’s apartment.” I’d forgotten. I guess it got tossed in there with a bunch of paper – not realizing its significance. =( I’m so glad he’s a historian. He knew about Operation Ivy and what a major deal those atomic tests were.

  7. JenX67

    Hey! I do have a pic of you in uniform. I should have put all of you up! That would have been very cool – you, my grandpa, Billy. Next time! For a second, I was like, “Hey! How does Muffin Man know I have a nephew!?” LOL!!!

  8. TheMuffinMan

    what no picture of your veteran nephew on your masthead? hehe


  9. Poetikat

    Your masthead is a fitting tribute to the fallen and your father. I’m sure your father would be proud. Sometimes these diseases that take over our loved ones are even as difficult to deal with as sudden deaths.
    I love the painting of our Lord at the helm with the sailor.

    Peace, today and always, Jen!


  10. Oklahoma Farmgirl

    I LOVE the music!! I have never heard this rendition before. Wonderful tribute to your father.

    Blessed be…

  11. Tobey

    thank you for the words of encouragement on my blog! they are often needed.
    a lovely post to your father…

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