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Christmas 2008

Except for the cold in Bridgy’s eye and the fact that Sully’s longalls, which I bought on sale a year ago, were four inches too short, (he was 3 in August and this outfit is a size 4Y!), the day has been full of many blessings.
‘Tis the Season.

After church, we made banana bread and lots of homemade butter cookies.
There is flour and different colors of powder-sugar frosting all over the entire kitchen. Yum-O!
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  1. Daddy Forever

    You have cute kids and got a photo with them all smiling. Not easy, is it?

  2. Oklahoma Farmgirl

    CUTE, CUTE kiddos!! You are blessed!! You had a fun, memory-making day—nice going!!

    Blessed be…

  3. ReRe

    i can’t wait to have kids and do stuff like this!
    everytime i look at pics of your kiddos, i move my baby plans farther up — but then the hubby moves them back to june!

  4. Le @ third on the right and cold peas

    I love the Sully overalls – cutest !

  5. Dee from Downunder

    Very colourful! Have a lovely Christmas with your family.

  6. avtcoach

    Yes, Wild Hearts is a tear jerker! There are some that are gut wrenching. City of Angels is one that just kills me!
    What a great Christmas day picture and the cookie making looks fun, mess and all!
    Jen, you are such a creative writer and a depth of spirit. I have so much enjoyed meeting you through your blog posts this year. I consider it a gift to visit your site each week! I wish your family a Merry Christmas!

  7. Jenny

    I love the plaid dress. Your older daughter looks so much like you…well at least the women in the heading art, which I will assume is you.

    Merry Christmas


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