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Gen X in Iraq Blog

A Navy Reservist who has been mobilized to serve in Iraq has started a blog, Gen X in Iraq. He’s currently training in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.

The average age of U.S. Soldiers killed in Iraq is 30. In World War II it was 26 and in Vietnam, 19. There are many different sources for this information. Some say 27 (twenty-seven in 2008 is the cutoff for Generation X) and others say 29. Either way, you slice it, the most definitive sources clearly put the average age of everyone serving in Iraq at 30.

 The widow and sons of fallen Army Captain Chris Cash, 36 (2004).

The widow and sons of fallen Army Captain Chris Cash, 36 (2004).

If you can bear to see it, the Washington Post has a project, Faces of the Fallen, which lists the 4,863 service members who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  1. Gen X in Iraq

    Thanks for the link to my blog. You are correct about the age of OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) partcipants. I am in a group of 300 Navy reservists who are being sent through Army training to fill combat support roles in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. Andrew C. Thompson

    Thanks for the plug on my Watchmen post, Jen. I don’t know if you read the graphic novel or not, but it is quintessential Gen X in many ways. Watchmen is what happens when you lose your Baby Boomer idealism … and your belief that there can really be any heroes.

  3. Melinda

    I teach students who are stationed in Iraq, though my teaching position at American Military University (I adjunt part time for them). I think it is great when people remind us of our soldier’s and their sacrifices.

    Take care, Jen–


  4. Dave Sohigian


    Thanks for the plug. I was also surprised that the URL was not taken. I am enjoying reading your posts.

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