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Cool Coffee Shop in Oklahoma City: Cuppies and Joe

Oklahoma City's Cuppies and Joe located on NW 23rd near Shartel Avenue.

Oklahoma City’s Cuppies and Joe located on NW 23rd near Shartel Avenue.

Last night, was date night. Woohoo! Most first Fridays of the month you can find Robert and me at the Friday night artwalk on The Paseo, Oklahoma City’s only artist colony. We are partial to the JRB Gallery, which opened an exhibit last night of works by Michi Susan and Sohail Shehada. Afterward, we headed over to one of Oklahoma City’s newest establishments, Cuppies and Joe located on NW 23rd Street near Shartel. This place was totally delightful.


My Beloved

Ponder your joe often.

Is that Dick Cheney sitting over my shoulder?

I’m very happy to eat your cupcakes.

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. jenx67

    clearly cupcakes are dangerous. i think we were going for corn over p**n =0. truth is, i was just so happy about our $6 date night, i was a snappin’, clickin’ fool with the camera. (annoying everyone in sight.) ha! yep, i’m a cheap skate.

  2. Idabel Oklahoma

    Glad to see we’re not the only one’s thinking P-O-R-N after reading that. Holy Pornoly! You ment to do that didn’t you?
    You wouldn’t of been an Okie Blog Bridesmaid if you would’ve wrote more P-O-R-N posts! People like p-o-r-n, but people like cupcake p-o-r-n even more.

  3. Daddy Forever

    You look way too happy. I don’t think my wife and I had a date night in over a century.

  4. ♥georgie♥

    Cute shoes Jen!
    LOVED all the pix…ahhh man i so need a date nite!

  5. le @ thirdontheright

    ohh what a great idea …. lets make fridays food porn day 🙂

    love those pics jen – you look like newly weds 🙂

    MIC and I have a date planned for this saturday – just coincidence it is V day … sans children

    we are going looking at open houses and then will have lunch at a very reasonably priced cafe in a tree lined street of really expensive ones ..

    I love a rebel cafe that says we shall not be a complete rip off merchant but still serve good food with care and attention …

    hugs honey le

  6. Berlinkat

    I loved these pictures. You two look like you are enjoying the place, the cupcakes and each other without reserve. And I know the place that Jennifer K is talking about – Rochambo! My ex used to work there, and I used to teach at a school on Brady St. I love being able to walk and people watch, while taking in some art, and then stopping for a tea or coffee. I also miss the cafes in Berlin. We have springlike weather in WI today, so I think this calls for brunch! Happy Sunday…

  7. jenx67

    @everyone – p.s. yes!! join us for first friday in march!

  8. jenx67

    @lorrie – you crack me up. i can’t publish the word porn on my blog. hahahahaha. we made a nuisance of ourselves. maybe if you do ice cream we can get le to do something else, and we’ll just keep it going and going…

    @tr – will you be my campaign manager? we need an xer on city council. ha!

    @the rest of ya’ll – thanks for indulging me in a moment of ridicu-lo-so. Dick was *not* nice.

  9. Lorrie Veasey

    I’m sorry but this was simply CUPCAKE PORN.

    Next Friday I am gonna make my husband re-enact these pictures with ICE CREAM.

  10. T.R.

    You two are magic! A picture truly speaks a thousand words! I love the JRB – it is there that I was actually introduced to Debby Kaspari of the Motmot through her work and we have become good friends in “real-time”. I have to mark my calendar for First Fridays.

  11. Melessa

    That’s not too far from where I work. I think my co-workers and i will have to check that one out soon! Loved the pics! And Dick Cheney has decided to hide out in OKC? Who knew? ;>)

  12. Jennifer K

    You and your hubby are so adorable. And there is nothing wrong with your open-toed shoes. They’re so cute!

    I love small, locally-owned places. One of my Sunday morning rituals is to go to my favorite coffee shop on Brady Street, Rochambo. I order a cup of coffee, read the New York Times, and talk to the baristas and the other patrons. Rochambo is such a cool place.

    And cupcakes, yum!


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