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Old Seed Cabinet, Horn Seed in OKC

seed cabinet horn seed

Today, we went to Horn Seed, my favorite garden store in Oklahoma City, to buy seeds for our first-ever urban garden. You can buy just how much you need from the little seed bins in the old-fashioned seed cabinet. Oh, how I do love Horn Seed!
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  1. Jennifer K

    I’m thinking of growing some herbs in my home-rosemary, parsley, etc., to use in my cooking. However, I’m afraid my cat might get into them.

  2. Jenny

    I love seed shopping…its a sign of spring (or maybe more like a glimmer of hope in the upper midwest). Enjoy your garden!

  3. jenx67

    @Yogi – You gotta get to Horn Seed the next time you’re in the area. It’s my favorite store in OKC.

    @Territory Mom – You made me think that I should direct peeps to flickr to get this photo. I disable right-click in an effort to protect my kids, but this photo is located on my flick account. I’ll provide a link so you can copy if you’d like to have it printed. I’m really not much of a photographer, but I’m trying to teach myself a few things each day.

  4. jenx67

    @C – Thank you. I still can’t get over how far away you moved! There was another huge wooden seed thing – where they kept packets of seeds. I will try to post more soon.

    @John Hayes – I have always loved pouring over seed catalogs – it’s the same fuzzy feeling Barry mentioned in his comments. We are all so disconnected from the earth. I was in my upper grade school years before I realized people grew wheat to make bread, etc. It’s kind of a travesty. I took a few pictures yesterday, also, which indicate spring has sprung here. The occassional flowering bush. I love how the color appears b/f the green leaves.

  5. jenx67

    @Barry – I completely understand. I felt the same way. Looking at all those seeds I saw endless possibilities, endless color. I want to write about how disconnected we have all become from our agrarian roots. My parents were brilliant gardeners when they lived in Tennessee. My mom is helping me with my garden. When you and Rhonda come in June, I hope we have something to share with you that we’ve grown! Also, I went back and took a few more pics, and then my camera battery DIED. So, I’ll take more next week. Seriously – not making this up – the guy working behind the counter – wore overalls and had a long. white. beard. HE wrapped the seeds in brown paper with strings AND weighed it on an old-fashioned scale. This is the Oklahoma everyone visiting here tries to find. It’s not a perfect place. But, I do try to find the joys here. Count them, one by one. Blessings!

    @Oklahoma Farmgirl – So, I don’t need to have him tested!?!? LOL. (The sonny boy.) Wow. I was kind of freaking out. I was like WHAT IS UP? then, I remembered by very calm 11 year old did this when she was 3 – in Target. See my above comment to Barry about Horn – The man with the long white beard – he’s the real thing. I went back and took some more pics – this one – of woman who was 80-something -worked there for 30-something years. Her late husband worked there for 51. Can you imagine?

  6. le @ thirdontheright

    how much fun is that !! a smorgasbord of life … ya you – go garden – le xox

  7. Territory Mom

    What a great photo. I want to frame it. I’m a mail order seed collector myself. I know you’ll have a great garden.

  8. Yogi♪♪♪

    Amazing photograph. I have never been there.
    I understand about kids throwing fits and having to plug and abandon outings and re-enter later.

  9. Melinda

    I started my first garden ever last year and it was so exciting when I had my first veggies out of my garden. I swear, they tasted better than any farm raised veggies I’ve ever had–because they came from the love I put into them, working in the soil. It was great. Good luck with your garden, Jen! 🙂


  10. John Hayes

    That looks like a great store. Something about seed catalogs & buying seeds– it means spring has sprung. It’s even starting to look a little like spring up in these parts.

  11. ~C~

    Wow! Amazing selection. It’s like a…”seed library” or something. Have fun with your urban garden!

  12. Oklahoma Farmgirl

    Nice photo. I have never been to Horn Seed. I need to make it a stop in OKC next time.

    OMG, I remember the conniption fit stage. My son did that once in the grocery store.

    Have fun on the return trio, alone LOL!!

    Hugs, dear girl!!

    Blessed be…

  13. Barry Moses (Sulustu)

    This picture makes me happy to see, all warm and fuzzy. I can’t explain it.

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