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Generation X Unrequited: I Finally Got My Dream House

What every Generation X girl wanted for Christmas in the 1970s: Barbie’s Dream House. I bought this at a thrift store in Oklahoma City yesterday. It was $14.99, and it came with many of the original doors, windows and furniture – all stuck in an inconspicuous, big gray trash bag.

Despite the current economic crisis marked by a rise in foreclosure filings, Barbie’s house is holding its own in the virtual real-estate market of eBay where it’s currently listed at $74.99.

I bet Julius Shulman would totally think the shadow play in this little modern dwelling rocked the prairie universe. Ha! I hope to sell the furniture, appliances, windows and doors on eBay and break even. As I have time, I will use that spray paint for plastic and start decking this house out in junk gypsy fashion for the Super Bridgy: “chippy-peely fleamarket furniture and elegant chandeliers with a little bit of hippie texas flair, some southern-fried cowgirl pride and a splash of MOULIN ROUGE eccentricity…decadent junk and FUN, spirited styles…”

I’ll report back on my little house on the urban Oklahoma prairie.
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  1. jenX67

    @Cari – That is something I’d like to check out.

    @Shane – I didn’t notice it. How wild. Good eye! I do think there was an elevator in it or maybe that was the townhouse??? Great memories.

    @frazierbaz – I haven’t seen them yet, but want to check it out. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. fraizerbaz

    Oh my gosh! I got the Barbie Townhouse for my tenth birthday. I never did get the Dream House, although I really wanted it.

    Have you seen the 50th anniversary collectible Barbies? They have the replication of Superstar Barbie and the Malibu Barbies. They look just like the originals.

  3. Heroinhead

    Did you notice on the front window there is a huge crucifix? I wonder if it was intentional?

    If my memory serves me right, the later houses had fitted elevators… does barbie really need help getting up the stairs?? 😉

    Take care JenX.

  4. Cari

    Did you ever see the doll house episode on Friends? Loved that episode.

  5. Naomi Munn

    I drooled over that so often I thought I could fill a bucket! Never got it, always wished I did. Good on you — good eye!

  6. Loren Christie

    Jen, That’s a great deal! I refinish old wooden doll houses and know how expensive this type of “vintage” toy is.

  7. Yogi♪♪♪

    Congratulations. Not everybody gets their dream house so reasonably.

  8. Poetikat

    I came right over, because I thought it was the Barbie Family House like mine. This was some doll house! Amazing someone was selling this so close to Barbie’s 50th anniversary.

    Lucky girl, you are! (Lucky daughters too!)



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