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Refrigerator Art

If you get amped out about a messy floor…

…you might miss out on this.

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. Daddy Forever

    Hmm. My kids must be defective because our frig does not look pretty like that.

  2. ReRe

    she is so darn crafty!

  3. jenX67

    @Lin – I learned that from you – that story you told to me so many years ago and repeat often – about the old lady who didn’t want to wipe the child’s dirty fingerprints off the sliding glass door. xoxo

    @Jennifer K – Yes, Juliette did this! SHe just amazes me. You can’t tell from the photo but those shamrocks have little tiny pieces of green cut and pieced together – clipped from magazines.
    She wants her own blog to display her art. =)

    @Hh — I’ll figure out what happened. I’m a mess with this stuff! Thank you for reconnecting on the new-old list. Ha!

  4. le @ thirdontheright

    Bring forth your messy floors, your up turned boxes, the disorganised bedrooms, the chaotic spaces of home filled with love ….

    yes all this and more I will endure, nay embrace, in the pursuit of childhood pleasures, dreams and make believe … love your mum

  5. Ragamuffin Gal

    I Love it!!! It’s beautiful!

  6. Yogi♪♪♪

    You don’t get the treasure without the mess. I love it.

  7. Heroinhead

    Hiya Jen,
    I’m back on your list again… you’ve disappeared from mine??? It’s probably connected.

    Read prt3 whenever you’ve time… it will always be there.

    I Hope everything goes well for you… I’m fine (summer’s come early to France);)

    Best Wishes & take care, Shane.

  8. AVT Coach

    Lovely art…it’s the small things. Excellent message!

  9. Jennifer K

    Awesome! Did your resident artists, Juliette, make that?

    And that mess is nothing. You should see the mess I make in my kitchen when I make my soap or my cookies.

  10. Lin

    What a beautiful glimpse into childhood!!! Some day your floor won’t look like this, your house will be tidier than you want it to be and there won’t be any refridgerator art to be found. Breathe it all in now. I’m so glad you are enjoying this season in your children’s lives. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of how happy we really are…

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