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Schoolhouse Rock Earth + the Latest Gen X News

School House Rock Earth

Schoolhouse Rock Earth

Gen X Stressed

According to this story carried by BusinessWire, Generation X is the most stressed right now. It looks like most of us have $25,000 or less in retirement savings.

Generation Gap

Richard Laermer thinks Generation X is nothing special.

Gen X Physicians

This next article announces a webinar that focuses on “the major demographic shift” hospitals are experiencing with Generation X physicians. Let’s hope they reduce our waiting time. lol.

How Gen X Communicates

Marketing Pilgrim reports that social networking may be slowing down generational lines of communication. (Baby Boomers prefer face-to-face while Gen X likes email and Gen Y texting.) The article links to another article in Entrepreneur Magazine. So, what’s your preference in terms of methods of communication?

Gen X Buying RVs

It’s not every day that Tire Review Online writes about Generation X, but they did yesterday! And, I really like what they wrote: “…As I thought about the number of 40-plus-year-olds back in the aftermarket, I realized I’m seeing the resurgence of the Generation X crowd that spawned this industry in the mid to late 1980s with restyled mini trucks. Being in this group myself, I see many of my friends spending money on not only performance upgrades for their vehicle, but vacationing more often, owning RVs and boats, and getting to do things that they couldn’t do with smaller children.” I love it! Tire Review Online knows Generation X exists even if nobody else does. Thanks, Scott Blair!

Growing Whole, Not Old

The Mail Tribune out of Oregon has published a piece by an associate professor at Oregon State University, Sharon Johnson. The title is Growing Whole, Not Just Old. She writes:

“The data behind “The Ageless Spirit” reminds us that by 2022, the 50-64 population will increase by 50 percent and the 65+ population will increase by 32 percent. The Generation X and Generation Y populations, combined, will grow by only three percent. When it comes to being old, there will be more of ‘us’ than ‘them.’ That creates both responsibility and opportunity. Let’s start by claiming the territory.

Schoolhouse Rock Earth

I’m totally buying this for myself kids. Scheduled for an Earth Day (April 22) release is

Schoolhouse Rock! Earth.

This DVD includes 13 Schoolhouse Rocks Songs and mini-lessons. This is so cool!


The songs include:

“Report from the North Pole”
“The Little Things We Do”
“The Trash Can Band”
“You Oughta Be Savin’ Water”
“The Rainforest”
“Save the Ocean”
“FatCat Blue: The Clean Rivers Song”
“A Tiny Urban Zoo”
“Solar Power to the People”
“Windy and the Windmills”
“Don’t Be a Carbon Sasquatch”


This next one isn’t Generation X, per se, but I must include it. I am very passionate about blogging, but I am still more passionate about real newspaper reporting. The writer of this next piece, Why Newspapers Are Necessary, admits that even a “Gen X dinosaur” can blog (and employ snark). Still, his critical point is this: he’s never seen a blogger at the capitol.

Bonus Link

Gen-X United by Daniel W. Drezner.

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  1. Wek

    Whoops! It looks like I’m late to the game on that Huffington Post moron.

  2. Jennifer K

    Thanks for more Gen X goodness. But damn, Richard Laermer (or should I say “Lamer”) is a total douche! Perhaps he was going for satire, but his article was an epic fail. And Punk Marketing? I would have thought that was stupid in my Doc Marten-wearing punk days.

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