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EasterEggs Sunlight
And when you’re ready to leave it behind you
You’ll look back, and all that you’ll see
Is the wreckage and rust that you left in the dust
On your way to the jubilee
–from Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Jubilee
Looking at a picture of my kids in their Easter blue, it’s hard to remember that time so many years ago – and it feels longer still – when I could not stop the train that was tearing up the tracks of my life. I couldn’t stop the force with which it was running away with every joyful expectation I ever had. Although all my dreams crashed around me, the promises of God remained. One day, things would be better than I could imagine. God would restore the years the locusts had eaten.

Kids Easter BlueYesterday, as I heard the Super Bridgy gasp with excitement over finding a hidden egg or watched Sully carry his Easter basket like he was about to make a touchdown or my sweet Juliette struggle to walk in high heels, I was reminded that my better-than-I-could-imagine had arrived. These are the joys that I did not know awaited me a decade ago when I was cast down, covered up by disappointments and fears.

The Prosperity of the Cross

This joy is not the product of righteousness. Our righteousness will never be more than filthy rags. Instead, it is the result of mercy, grace, forgiveness and reconciliation. I strove only toward the dreams that God placed on my heart. This is not the Gospel of prosperity, but the prosperity of the Cross.

It would be unfortunate for anyone looking at this picture or any like it to see anything more than the handiwork of God. We can say, “I did this,” or “I did that,” but, we must know, that is such a lie. The truth is that every good thing cometh down from the Father of Lights.

The only worthwhile reason for sharing this was recorded by the poet in Psalm 40. “We patiently wait for the Lord and He turns to us. He hears our cry. He lifts us up out of the mud and mire. He plants our feet on dry ground. When people hear our story they will start to believe and put their trust in God.”

And when you feel like this try to imagine
That we’re all like frail boats on the sea
Just scanning the night for that great guiding light
Announcing the jubilee

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. soulmoxie


  2. Daddy Forever

    Your son has the cutest smile. He looks really happy.

  3. Anonymous

    Jen, your faith and trust in God is what makes you so beautiful.

  4. Cathrine

    Sully looks so much like Robert! Love this photo!

  5. Territory Mom

    Thank you for this, it is so lovely.

  6. Naomi Munn

    Oh, beautiful, beautiful. Such power — I love your (writing) voice, Jen. Happy Easter to you. Even I could feel the sun rise with new power today. xox

  7. le @ thirdontheright

    divine intervention – many blessings to be counted – le xxoxoxo

  8. Yogi♪♪♪

    Great post Jen. Your children are beautiful. Thanks.

  9. Oklahoma Farmgirl

    Ain’t it the Truth! This post touched me so much. His Grace delivers us from so much, & in that moment life becomes so much more than we can ever imagine. You are blessed. And you are a blessing to me.

    G’nite!!! Hugs to all!

    Blessed be…

  10. Anonymous


    What a lovely photo. You are truly blessed and your JOY has only scratched the surface of what God has in store for you.

    “There is more to come.”

    Love you Forever– Mom

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