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Juliette @ 11

juliette @ eleven

I turned 12 in 1979, the year Kenny Rogers released Coward of the County. Juliette turns 12 in 2009. Yesterday, while shooting pictures at the urban laundry mat, that song came on the radio.

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  1. Debra W

    Jen, she is beautiful, simply beautiful.

  2. Lin

    Juliette is just beautiful. I love this picture!


  3. jenX

    @IAN – thank you! My growing older seems to correlate with more happening. Ha!

  4. jenX

    @ROB – Thank you, dear!

    @NAOMI – They grow up quick, huh??

    @LANCE – Thank you! We had great fun taking them – including the part where an octagenarian at the laundry mat took 30 minutes to tell us his whistling-career story. haha!

    @JOHN – It was a very long time ago. =/

  5. John Hayes

    Happy birthday to your daughter–1979 seems like a long time ago!

  6. Lance

    What Rob said – great shots! Jen, you have a beautiful young lady, and the photos you’ve shared are wonderful! My daughter turned 12 earlier this year…where you’re at, I can relate.

  7. Naomi Munn

    OMG Gorgeous!!! She is stunning, Jen. Mazel tov on your beautiful daughter and her b-day. 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Great photos. She is becoming a beautiful young woman. rob


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