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Generation Z is Overweight. Blame it on Gen X Parents.

Apparently, Generation Z is overweight and The Chattanooga Times Free Press has an article today about childhood obesity. Although the article does not blatantly point the finger by mentioning Generation X in the body of the story, some clever headline writer unintentionally puts the blame on Gen X with this header: “Generation X-cess.”

Truthfully, the dates implicate Generation X parents for the rise in childhood obesity. I think the problem is multi-faceted (the article points to TV and advertising, too), but few will argue that Gen Xers haven’t overparented in an attempt to make up for their own disappointing childhoods. Thus, it appears that in the drive Gen Xers have to achieve work/life balance for sake of their families, it’s quite possible that we have actually failed to strike a balanced diet for our kids.

“Federal data shows that today’s average 10-year-old is 10 pounds heavier than a child of the same age in the 1960s.”

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  1. jenX

    @YOGI – hahahahahahaha!! funny!!!

  2. Yogi♪♪♪

    No, its not GenX parents. I have it on good authority that there were no obese children until Obama became President.

  3. jenX

    @SHAWN @GENXPERT @JUNKDRAWER – It seems like the common denominator is the pursuit of the almight dollar to the peril of even kids. I swore off sugar years ago, and to this day, it kind of makes me sick to eat it – even on cereal. Having said that, I am terrible when it comes to giving my kids candy. I’ve got to stop it…

  4. junkdrawer67

    I’m a GenX parent and my daughter is skinny. But from the beginning we have been attentive to her eating habits. No pop. No fast food. And easy on the sugar cereal and treats. It seems to have worked.

    I agree that it would seem to be more of a product of our times, what with increased TV viewing and computer access, time spent inert. Plus the increase in processed food, which the articles seems to gloss over — makes one wonder if there are any corporate food advertisers they don’t want to piss off.

    Something in that article that irked me was this notion of no TV before 6. This smacks of a silver bullet solution, which there is none. Besides, it is patronizing to parents. My daughter asks for junk food sometimes. We simply say, no.

  5. Anonymous

    My kids are really skinny, so I can say this from personal experience, but I think it’s the over-processed food today. It’s really hard (and expensive) to eat a diet that doesn’t include a lot of over-processed stuff.


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