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Oktoberfest and Rosary Run

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love it so much, and it’s so perfect in Oklahoma. If I could, I’d slice and serve pieces of the Harvest Moon for the whole world to eat.

Yesterday, we attended the annual Oktoberfest at Juliette’s school here in Oklahoma City. It was great fun! Every year we look forward to all the great German and Mexican food served, especially corn-in-a-cup. This is a Mexican dish made from fresh corn, mayonnaise, parmesan cheese and chili powder. It is absolutely divine! Make some!

Juliette, my firstborn, and her long-time friend, N. They’ve been friends since they were babies. They ran in the Rosary Run together. Juliette is such a blessing, and so began the greatest adventure of my life: motherhood.

Aren’t these girls beautiful? I adore this age.

My handsome boy. (He’s got the quicket smile of anyone I’ve ever known.) There is really nothing quite like a school carnival in the middle of an old neighborhood.

I love photographing people against colored doors. This shot has such great fall colors including the contrasting crowns of my two men. These are the doors to the Parish Hall at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Oklahoma City.

My own baby girl. We call her the Super Bridgy because she swings from chandeliers and draws pictures on the couch with Sharpies. Only I know just sweet this little girl is. God put a star on her cheek, and that dimple greets me a hundred times a day in both smiles and tears. She is just terrific!

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  1. Yogi♪♪♪

    Your whole family has such nice smiles. What an event that will bring back memories for years.

  2. Andi

    What an absolutely GORGEOUS family! You done good!

  3. Loren Christie

    Sharpies and the couch…I understand that very well, and also why you don’t really care. She, and all your children are just beautiful. A rosary run? How cool. Happy Fall Jen 🙂

  4. Daddy Forever

    Fall is great in Oregon too. I love to see the leaves change colors.


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