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Boy’s Green Beret Halloween Costume, 1966

The following photo and Generation X Halloween memoir is provided by Jim, an Oklahoma blogger whose photography blog, LightSmith Photo, celebrates 84 days today. His blog is just terrific. Check it out!

From Jim:
“When I was 5 my father was deployed to Viet Nam. Before he left, he moved my mom, my 8 year old sister and me to Savannah, Georgia to be near my mom’s family. For Halloween that year my mom and my aunt bought military costumes for us male grandchildren. My cousin Lee got an orange pilot’s jumpsuit. I’m not sure what my cousin Herb got but I think it may have been from the Navy. I got a Green Beret camouflage number. I remember that year especially because even at 5 I felt a strong sense of pride wearing the uniform in honor of my absent father. I know that he carried this photo with him while he was over there. I’m thankful he was able to bring it back himself to put in our photo album.”

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  1. FLConfetti

    What an awesome story that photo carries!


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