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Automobile Alley Christmas Lights

I saw the coolest thing tonight! All the businesses up and down Broadway Avenue in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley have hung strings of lights vertically from rooftop to the street level and/or awning. This is going to be a sight to behold this Christmas.

Robert saw them hanging green lights outside of Coffee Slingers the other night on his way home from work. He suggested we drive by there tonight. Coffee Slingers didn’t have their lights turned on, but Broadway Wine Merchants did. Look at all that purple and lavender!

I love how Urbanized described it on OKC Talk, a local message board. He called it a brilliant curtain of light, and that it is. I can’t wait to see them all lit up at once.

Automobile Alley was a popular retail district in the 1920s and was home to most of the city’s car dealerships. During the 70s and 80s, the district really declined, but during the 1990s, developers revitalized the district. Today, it’s filled with upscale lofts, offices, two bicycle shops, an edgy storefront church, a coffee shop, wine merchant, bank, steakhouse, and more.

When Juliette was four, I moved to a loft apartment in Automobile Alley. We only stayed a year. I didn’t really like living in a loft, but I’m glad I did it, mostly so I never have to want to do it again. It isn’t nearly as romantic and adventurous as it sounds. All that brick and concrete left me cold, not to mention the eccentric tenant (or two) we had to deal with. It’s no wonder during this time I started dating a man who drove a pickup and rode horses. Hahaha! I married him!

Before I took the above picture, I’d been photographing a sunrise. I had my camera set on the landscape. I guess that’s why the car’s taillights are doing that blurry thing. I wouldn’t want you all to think I actually knew what I was doing.

After Thanksgiving, I’ll post more pictures of Automobile Alley’s Christmas lights project. If you’re anywhere near Oklahoma City this Christmas, you’ll definitely want to take a drive down Broadway between NW 4th and 10th.

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  1. Laura

    I remember that apartment, and I loved it! But then again, I was 12 (or so?). Living downtown sounded sooo cool. I’m glad you survived, and I’m glad you met that nice fellow with the truck and the horses : )

  2. jenX

    @JOHN – There’s another one someone sent me. I RTd it on Twitter!

    @YOGI – Ditto what I said to John. Are you active on Twitter??? It seems like I just got a follow from you!

    @DEBRA W – Thank you!!! You put a smile on my face!

  3. Debra W

    Magical, dear one!

    I just saw your new header and I really love it! Your hair is adorable, but your smile could light up the bluest day! Sending lots of love from California!


  4. Yogi♪♪♪

    Great picture Jen. I don’t know if we’ll get the chance to check it out as a family. As early as it gets dark I might get a chance after meeting a customer or something.

  5. John Hayes

    Brilliant picture. Will look foward to more!

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