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Sesame Street’s Influence on Generation X

Sesame Streets Influence

There is never a short supply of interesting and/or bum-you-out news in relation to Xers. It gets old, but as we all know, there’s something to it. Here are two more news articles published so far this week including one about Sesame Street’s influence on Generation X.

Scripps Howard News Service is distributing an opinion editorial by Dale McFeatters, Dessert: The Shortchanged Generation. Warning: his ending is a real bummer.


New census data released this week demonstrate the chilling impact the recession has had on the current crop of young Americans, to whom the American dream is increasingly becoming a historical curiosity.

Generation X is cited as a potential loser in life-extension technologies. The angle of this article is undiscovered investment opportunities.

The Jackson Free Press has an interesting article that discusses the tolerance revolution, which Generation X impacted by changing the political dynamic.


This transformation is a long time coming. Generation X (those born between the early 1960s and mid-1970s) were already changing the political dynamic back in the 1990s. They came of age in the years marked by declines in marriage, and increases in divorce rates and out-of-wedlock births. People who had children during these years also tended to have them at an older age.

The change in family dynamics for Generation X children and from that of the baby boomers may have had some impact on the tolerant attitudes of Generation Xers—but the tolerance of Gen X would later prove to be nothing compared to the philosophical lenience of the Millennial Generation.

Sesame Street’s Influence on Generation X, Millennials

The story also provides an interesting perspective on Seasame Street’s influence as well as the influence of Barney on racism and segregation.

Gen X and Gen Y achieved adulthood under the liberal-thinking auspices of Sesame Street’s veritable monsters like Big Bird, Grover and Cookie Monster, childhood staples since 1969.
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    Wow, warm fuzzies all around. The worst part–the author is probably right.

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