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Turkey Headbands for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey Headband

Sully looks so cute in his Thanksgiving turkey headband!

I came across a turkey headband kit at Hobby Lobby the other day. I thought these would be so cute for Thanksgiving, and the kit was cheap! It was a steal at $2.99, but I got it cheaper than that. It was on sale for 66 percent off! The kit makes 12 felt headbands.

The kids and I had great fun making them. They do enjoy craft projects, and it’s a way they can develop those all-important fine motor skills. Whether or not I survive managing the burn-the-tar-out-of-you glue gun around them is another thing.

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What’s your favorite way to make a turkey headbands for Thanksgiving?


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  1. jenX

    @YOGI – I’ll wear one! Especially if you wear toe shoes!!! =)

    @DEBRA – C’mon over! I’m serious! When that last baby springs from the next you and your hubby come to Oklahoma for the grand tour of life on the south central plains!

  2. Debra W

    Those faces!!!!! Can I just come over to play, someday? I miss my little ones and yours are extra adorable. I might even let them put a turkey headband on me!


  3. Yogi♪♪♪

    I love them! Maybe I could make Sweetie one. Maybe we could wear them for Thanksgiving!

    You have very beautiful children with or without headbands.

    Yeah, where is yours. If I wear mine and post a picture will you do the same?

    If Tasha can wear one with her house shoes then I wear one with my toe shoes.

  4. jenX

    @TASHA – You can see Bridgy pulling it off on the Flickr set. Someone RTd this post on Twitter and someone in their follow list said she thought by the title of the post there was going to turkey meat strapped around someone’s head. hahahaha!!! you make me laugh w/ your house shoes.

  5. Tasha

    Ack! So cute! Really, really makes me wish my little man would wear headgear. Not that I wouldn’t wear a turkey headband. Because I most definitely would – esp. with an apron and houseshoes.

  6. jenX

    @CATHRINE – She wouldn’t dare!

    @MURILE OK – Thanks for stopping by adn posting to facebook!! TR told me you were the creator of Strawberry Shortcake! Much beloved by Gen X!

    @JENNIFER K – No Hobby Lobby!!! If you ever make it down here to Oklahoma, I will personally give you a grand tour!

  7. Jennifer K

    What a cute idea! And Sully and Bridgy look so adorable.

    I love do crafty things. I don’t think there’s a Hobby Lobby in the Milwaukee area, but we do have a Michael’s. I’m going there this afternoon to buy some soap and candle-making supplies.

  8. jenX

    @LANCE!!! Hahahaha! you’ve inspired me. You’re so right. Where’s mine!?!?

  9. Cathrine

    Juliette never wears that cool hat stuff

  10. Lance

    With twelve of those turkey headbands…I’m wondering…where is yours?!?!?!?


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