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How to Make Scones

After we opened presents on Christmas Day, Sully and I tried out Ree’s recipe for scones. I changed it up a little, substituting egg nog for milk in the frosting, which made them taste very Christmassy!

Boy with rolling pin

Sully rolls the dough

Boy with flour on face

Yes, I gently smeared his cheeks with flour for photo effect.

Boy licking his fingers


How To Make Scones


I didn’t crush the pecans as much as I should have.
I like ’em bigger! I’m also afraid of cutting off the tips of my fingers!
Next year she’ll be taller and won’t have to tippy-toe. =(
Cutting Scones

Cutting Scones

He really is a big helper!
These things were seriously divine.
My favorite part of the recipe was the splash of coffee in the frosting. I love the word splash. I love coffee. I bathe in it every chance I get. I’m guessing the splash is to give the frosting the maple-color. Either way, I like it. I think my scones are flatter and wider than the Pioneer Woman’s. They still tasted great. I think I ate half of them.
The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook really is terrific. I can’t wait to try all the recipes! In fact, the pineapple upside-down cake (in an iron skillet) is in the oven as I write this.
Do you know how to make scones? What’s your favorite kind?



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  1. One Woman's Suffrage

    Jen, I love these pictures. I can’t believe how bug your kids are getting. Especially Sully.

  2. Melessa

    Racheal Ray’s show FINALLY taught me how to boil water without burning it. I still lack the confidence to try anything that Ree makes, but I did get her cookbook for both of my sisters who are more talented in the kitchen than I am. What a fun Christmas recipe for you and the kids to make together!

  3. Jennifer K

    I don’t get how Rachael Ray gets ragged on all the time. She’s never claimed to be a gourmet cook. What I appreciate is she realizes many people want to eat tasty and nutritious meals, but have limited time and can’t afford to buy 72 ingredients for one measly dish.

  4. Yogi♪♪♪

    I love Rachel Ray.

    I’m not so sure about Martha. Who knows what the real Martha is like.

    My feelings are pretty complicated about Julie and Julia. There seems to be at least a tinge of schmuckness for both of them. One seems ungracious, the other opportunistic. I loved the movie though.

    I’m so proud of Ree Drummond I can hardly stand it. My MIL got her cookbook and I love it. I would like a copy for myself. Don’t tell Sweetie but she might get a copy as a New Year’s gift.

    I’ve read and heard many people talk about how great the recipes are. Your scones certainly look great.

    Great pictures of your kids helping out with the scones. They brightened the start of my day. You are making memories for them that they will remember, treasure, and tell stories about for the rest of their lives.

  5. GenXpert

    Did you see how Rachael responded to Martha? Rachael said, “she’s right.” I thought – how X! How many of us just agree and nod at Boomers rather than trying to argue.

  6. le @ whoopwhoop

    Jen … is it just cosmic greatness or are we on some other plane … I cooked scones on Wenesday too – leg ham and cheese served with fresh tomato in the middle … for lunch – a scone lunch – delish !

    These sound fabbo – coffee till we drop babe 🙂 Le

    Happiest of new years for you, Rob and the babes …

    I have started a new project blog … hope you like it – le xoxo

  7. Anonymous

    Jen, you have mastered the art of cooking. Rob


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