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New Zoo Revue Sperm Episode

Whatever happened to the New Zoo Revue

I loved the New Zoo Revue!

You see Freddie, it isn’t enough to have a mother.
To make a baby, ya’ll also need a father.
–Henrietta, The New Zoo Revuew

For me, it didn’t get much better than the New Zoo Revue. Three delightful animals coming right at you. To this day, my brother Billy gives me a hard time about (delicate and feminine) Henrietta Hippo. In fact, in true big brother fashion he often called me Henrietta Hippoo. I might not yet be over it. 😉

I watched the New Zoo Revue, a TV show that aired in syndication from 1972-77, during the years we lived in Colorado Springs (1974-76), and I only watched it during the summers or when I was home sick from school. That’s because it came on in the mid-morning hours. I know I feigned being sick at least once so I could stay home and watch the show.

New Zoo Revue Talks Sperm

When I was searching for a clip for today’s Gen X After School Special, I could not resist posting this one about the miracle of birth. I wonder how many little Gen Xers asked their parents what sperm was after seeing this show? I can promise you, if my Silent Generation parents had been aware of this content, The New Zoo Revue and 8-year-old Jen would have probably met the parting of the ways, but maybe not  because they actually sing a song about the miracle of birth and how sacred it is!

As one person commented on You Tube, you gotta love trippy kid shows!

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  1. Melessa

    My Dad had that same shirt and glasses. I do not remember that episode. 😉

  2. Anonymous

    The new masthead is great. It gives meaning to what we feel on any given day. Rob

  3. glynis

    I LOVED this show!! I even have a program from a live appearance my parent’s took me to and it has Doug, Emmy Jo and Henryetta’s autograph on it. They were my super stars!!


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