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Vintage Religion: Sunday School Tickets

Sunday School Stickers

Sunday School Stickers

Many months back, an amazing package arrived in the mail. Le was leaving Queensland for Whoop Whoop, and to make room for the move, she decided to part with some things she’d long cherished. She sent us a package of items that belonged to her as a child and youth, including a ring for Juliette and a book of vintage Sunday School tickets. It had belonged to her mother!

The tickets brought back so many memories of my trips to Sunday School in the 1970s. The teacher always had a little square tablet of flower stickers, and each child would get to choose one. I always chose stickers with blue flowers. Beverly’s ticket book is one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received. I will cherish it always!

Sunday School Stickers


This past Monday, I slipped Le’s ring on my index finger. I needed encouragement as I had a full and demanding day ahead of me. Remembering Le’s affection for me, I knew I’d draw inspiration when I saw the ring on my finger. And, then the day went unexpectedly sideways. But, the ring was there reminding me of how my steps have been ordered, and how our souls, bearing greater capacity than the body and mind, carry us to the right people and places in just the right time.
On Friday, I met a stranger at the park, Annie. Interesting how if we care to pay attention, people need to say very little for us to know they are in the midst of a great battle. Of course, we are all in a battle of one kind or another.
So, Annie is where I was more than 10 years ago. We stand together watching our kids play. I point to mine and say, this is how the Lord restores the years the locusts have eaten. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her iPhone and asks if I can say that again. And, so I say, the Lord restores the years -stop- the locusts have eaten.
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  1. le @ whoopwhoop

    hello Jen

    Mum would be happy to know her wee book has ended up in your loving hands ….

    And are not the encounters around the play equipment some of the best, most unguarded moments of a parents life … ahhh

    biggest hugs matey – I did not realise you were having a tougher than usual time … le xoox

  2. Understanding Alice

    Its funny, so many of the things you write about are foreign to me, being from England (we never had Sunday school tickets) yet there it is, a connection between tow people, a little comfort from God, something that blissfully, could happen anywhere x

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