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How a $50 blow-up pool will cost you a $1,000,000 before the summer is over

Kids playing around a blow-up pool

This is our $50 pool. It’s 8 ft x 30 inches,but don’t let this small size fool you.

sun umbrella

We had to buy this $40 umbrella to sit outside in the sun while we watch the kids swim. It’s secured with a $30 stand. This was purchased after the $8 umbrella kept blowing away.

pool mat

This is $40 in padding we had to buy because the brick makes the bottom of the pool too rough. It punctured one we bought a few years ago.

When you buy a pool you have to buy all the fun toys like this innocent water gun. That is, innocent until he squirts you in the face with it while telling him to pick up his wet towel. Of course, the look on his face here is priceless! I think it’s worth more than a million dollars!

pool toys

I brought these $3 boogers home to the Super Bridgy one night.
Within five minutes she was tearing their legs off.

ppol ring

These things are so worthless. $4

These are my measuring cups. Someone let the kids bring them outside and use them as pool toys. The lid to my smoothie machine, too. Nice. By the end of summer they’ll be missing and need replacing.

beach towels

Beach towel 1

pirate beach towel

Beach towel 2. Good thing Juliette has a ready supply from previous years!

pool bug net

I had to buy one of these $8 doohickeys to keep the dirt and bugs out.

pool cover rope

We had to buy a cover so every morning we weren’t fishing out 10,000 June Bugs.

shock and swim

A few tablespoons of this stuff helps the water last three or four days.

Oh, and the water. I bet our bill doubles because in order to keep this thing algae-free we have to keep dumping and refilling it. Oh, the joys of summer have names: Sullivan, Bridgette and Juliette. Or, as they now refer to each other while in the water (their pool alter egos) Nevine, Jeanette and Victoria. They’ve named me Theresa. Robert is Shooter.

I have no earthly idea where they come up with these things. Yea for summer and a blow-up pool!

pool fill line

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  1. Lin

    I want to play!!!

  2. Yogi♪♪♪

    Very funny! I hope that you have a great weekend.

  3. HeyRay

    Where did you get my mom’s yellow measuring cups that she’s had for 30 years?!? hahaha.
    Funny how those things were an acceptable toy to the kids, after you spent all the money on the other real pool toys.


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