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Room 222 Karen Valentine Look Alike

Anthony Ramirez, a reporter for the Las Vegas Sun, has written an article, Teachers on the front lines offer solutions to fix troubled schools. Quoted in the article is a school superintendent from Clark County, Nevada:

“I concur that the we seem to OD on tests,” Rulffes said in an e-mail message, “but we now serve a community of Gen X parents and policymakers who want accountability and quantifiable data to support it. It’s woven through the federal and state laws. It’s mandated — get used to it — it’s not only here to stay, but will likely increase.”

Ramirez opens his story with a flashback to Room 222, a TV comedy set at the fictional Walt Whitman High School, Los Angeles, from 1969 to 1974. (Room 222 was a history class.) It has been a long time since I’ve thought about this show, which I only vaguely remember because people said my sister Becky looked like one of the main characters (Karen Valentine).
Do you remember watching Room 222?

My sister really did look like Valentine. (See photo below)

So, I guess Karen Valentine is her doppelganger! Find your doppelganger here. 

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  1. Jennifer K

    Wow, your sister does look like Karen Valentine!!!

    I don’t remember watching 222, but I do remember watching “Bridget Loves Bernie,” which was about a Catholic girl who fell for a Jewish boy. And this Catholic (okay, lapsed Catholic) has had a thing for Jewish guys since.

  2. Anonymous

    I remember “Room 222” very well. Loved the show. And– yes, Becky did look like Karen Valintine.
    Love you– Mom

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