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Crocheted Pac-Man Hats and Halloween Baskets

Crocheted Pac Man Hats with Googley Eyes

Crocheted Pac-Man Hats with Googley Eyes

My mom is so incredibly talented. She has knitted and crocheted so many hats, gloves and scarfs for my kids and me, I’ve lost track of them all. (I’ve said before, she makes the coolest stuff.)

I won’t, however, be losing track of these lovely crocheted Pac Man hats and scarf, which she made for me last year. Usually, she gives me everything she makes, but I paid her $60 to make this set because I was originally going to have a contest and give it away on this blog. (Pac Man recently turned 30.)

I changed my mind of course. Who in their right mind would give this thing away?

This is what I wore to the Halloween parade in Oklahoma City on Saturday night. Everyone thought it was my costume. Ha! A woman in her early 20s who was dressed up like a zombie yelled to me from across the street that I was her hero. Imagine all I had to do to become someone’s hero was wear a Pac Man hat.
Juliette's Crocheted Pac Man Hats with Googley Eyes

Juliette’s Crocheted Pac-Man Hats with Googley Eyes

I thought this picture of Juliette was especially beautiful. This is SOC or straight outta the camera. This was taken outside our favorite restaurant, 1492. We ate there just before the parade. I hope leaving the little ones with a sitter and taking her to this crazy event will make up for making her ride the bumblebee ride at the Oklahoma State Fair last month.
You’re a sport, Juliette.
Several times during my elementary school years, my mom made these little candy baskets for my classmates. Now, she makes them for my kids’ classmates. She also made them for my sisters when they were little, and my sisters’ kids. That means my mom has made these baskets for four generations of children.
Handmade Halloween Baskets

Handmade Halloween Baskets

She cuts all the pieces out of construction paper; hand-glues each basket and hand paints each face. I love them! You’re amazing, Mom! You really, really are.

Hand-painted Black Cat Baskets

Hand-painted Black Cat Baskets

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    Your mom rocks!!

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