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Gen X Congress | Alex P. Keaton Goes to Washington

The largest wave of Gen X Congressman will arrive in Washington in January. David S. Bernstein, a writer for Boston Phoenix has written an excellent piece about the historic event.

Here is an excerpt:

“…Indeed, many of the few Gen-X Democrats to reach Congress — just 26 next year — are urbanites and minorities, who grew up very differently from the white, suburban-angst world of John Hughes films and grunge records.

“Nor are most of the new Republican congressmen former Spicolis and Silent Bobs. Those former authority-bucking stoners are punching code and toiling in middle-management (if they still have jobs), at least judging by the ones I grew up with.

“No, most of these newcomers are Alex P. Keaton types — longtime, dedicated Republican activists, attaining the next stage of their political careers…Others, however, are newly politicized, anti-government cranks, whose Gen-X anti-authoritarian nihilism has mixed with middle-aged resentment, to create a new anti-activist activism. Their leader is a privileged libertarian, ophthalmologist-turned-senator Rand Paul (born 1963), and like him they are going to Washington to stop Washington. Their patron saint is Sarah Palin (’64).

What’s your hope for a Gen X Congress?

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