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Generation X Is Stressed Out

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The Daily Beast reports today that Generation X is the most stressed-out generation. The findings come from a 2010 study from the American Psychological Association, Stress Findings in America, which details that women are 8 percent more stressed than men and married women are 11 percent more stressed than single women.
Basically, if you’re a Gen X female and you’re married you’re very, very stressed out. Given the fact stress is strongly correlated to things like heart disease and Alzheimer’s, add another lump of worry to the pile.

Generation X Is Stressed Out

Gen-Xers are the most stressed-out generation, with 56 percent feeling frequently irritable or angry and 46 percent suffering stress-induced headaches.

Only 30 percent of people over 65, 47 percent of Boomers, and 43 percent of Millennials frequently feel irritable or angry; 22 percent of over-65s, 35 percent of boomers, and 36 percent of millennials get stress headaches. More than those in other age groups, Gen-Xers respond to stress with unhealthy behaviors such as lying awake at night (49 percent), overeating or eating unhealthy food (48 percent), and drinking alcohol (23 percent). “The most interesting thing about these statistics is that all of the age groups have a high percentage of stressed people,” Winner observes. “If people don’t learn effective ways of dealing with stress, their health may suffer…Excessive stress has been associated with a variety of serious ills, including heart disease and even Alzheimer’s disease.”

How can you learn to more effectively deal with stress? What stresses you out the most?

Check out the 2010 Stress Rankings for Metro Areas to find out the stress level in your city. Oklahoma City fairs well in this contest. We’re in the green zone with a stress index of -5.042 (that’s negative 5)compared to Houston at 2.066; Memphis at 3.493 and Los Angeles at 5.899.

Why do you think Generation X is stressed out?

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  1. Jennifer K

    Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one suffering from insomnia. But it really sucks to get only 5 hours a sleep at night. My mom is also suffering from insomnia, and is now looking into acupuncture to help her with this issue.

  2. HeyRay

    A quick skim of the status updates of my 200 Facebook friends on any given day reveals that easily half of my female friends are suffering through insomnia on a regular basis. None of them/us can pinpoint the reason; it’s always accompanied by “why can’t I sleep?” A lot of comments are “welcome to the late 30s.” Pretty sure it’s not just our age.
    I think we’ve gotten so accustomed to dealing with perpetual stressed-outedness that we don’t realize it’s NOT normal.


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