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Snowman Cookies

I stopped by Michael’s, an arts and crafts store, earlier this week to pick a few things for Juliette’s science project. While standing in line I noticed a copy of a magazine from Better Homes and Gardens, Cookies. On the cover were these adorable snowman cookies. I memorized the recipe and later that night we made them. I don’t think they qualify for the cover of a magazine, but they sure were fun to make.

Juliette, my artist, made this one. Her snowman cookie has the most magazine potential.
Here’s mine. My scarf isn’t nearly as stylish as Juliette’s.
This is Robert’s snowman. I’ve never before seen a snowman wearing a bellboy hat.
Sully’s snowman cookie. The more stuff you put on your snowman, the more you get to eat.
Smart kid!
The Super Bridgy’s snowman cookie. He has a lot of colorful buttons. She decided to eat a handful of the pearlized candies.
Life is not the cover of BHG magazine. Generally speaking, the cookies still taste the same! And they were amazing!!
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  1. CGDK

    Hi Jen, its been a while between commments… I love the look of your cookies but what impressed me most here was that you MEMORISED the recipe at the checkout – wow, I can’t remember anything these days past reading it! Merry Christmas to all your family! xCarleen

  2. Yogi♪♪♪

    If I had a magazine I put those cookies on the cover.


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