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Pretty In Pink Computer Scene of Generation X Texting

Pretty in Pink MovieRobert and I watched the last half of Pretty in Pink last night on TV. He’d never seen the John Hughes film about teenage angst and romance, which starred the famous Gen X brat-packers Molly Ringwold, James Spader, Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer.

I saw the film back in 1987 with a group of college friends. At the time, this scene amazed me as I’d never seen anything like it. It still amazes me to think that Hughes had the insight and knowledge to include this in 1986 film. Watch as Blane instant messages Andie on a school computer. It’s Generation X texting for the first time. Ha!

I don’t miss DOS.

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  1. HeyRay

    I remember thinking at the time the movie came out, “How did he know how to do magic that?!?!?!”
    I probably still thought that 15 years later.


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