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80s Revival or Comedic Concert Nostalgia

9 to 5 (Sheena Easton song)My baby takes the morning train
He works from nine til five and then
He takes another home again
To find me waitin’ for him
From Easton’s Morning Train (9 to 6)

Michael Deeds of the Idaho Statesman knows how to put a dent in the collective ego of Generation X. In a recent article for the newspaper he snarks about the 80s band Whitesnake and Gen X nostalgia. Moreover, he recommends (GASP) 40-something women not attempt the splits.

I happen to know several 40-year-old women who can do the splits. Granted, it’s a little weird when they demonstrate their flexibility at the family reunion every year, but I digress.

80s Revival

About an upcoming summer concert lineup in Boise, Deeds had this to say:

“This summer has plenty of opportunities for comedic concert nostalgia, but Whitesnake? It’s a perfect blend of fist-pumping, chest-bumping and self-aware Bic-flicking for the Gen-X crowd.

“…For the same reason Fox Mulder needed that UFO poster in ‘The X-Files.’ Because we want to believe. We want to believe there’s one more perfect Spandex anthem out there. That one morning, we’ll trudge outside to wash the minivan and be greeted by a time-warped, sudsy Tawny Kitaen writhing in the driveway. It’s a dream, man. Let sleeping mullets lie.”

Long live the 80s and Generation X!

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