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First Recession Novel is Rocket Man, 40-Something Dads in Hell

40-Something Dads

Rocket Man by William Hazelgrove is a novel that captures a  40-something man in hell. The Catcher in the Rye for Generation X men, it nails the times in which we live with the precision of The Graduate.

The protagonist, Dale, is plagued with subdivision life and high taxes. His father has come to live over his garage and he’s facing the dissolution of his marriage. All this while trying to teach his son independence. Too much house, too much car, too many kids, a worthless home and a yearning for a simpler more sane time.

Does any of this sound familiar? Perhaps it should. Rocket Man is weirdly relevant and if it wasn’t so funny it would be a sordid tale indeed.

Gen-X Dreams in Retreat

Hazelgrove actually wanted to find out what happened to the Breakfast Club generation. “And what happened is they got wiped out along with everyone else,” he said. “…They had bought the big house, had all the kids, and the expensive cars and now that all has come crashing down.”

Funny and poignant, Rocket Man will make you laugh and cry as this Gen Xer looks for an American dream in retreat.

This novel was originally published in 2008 by a small press in Chicago. Sterling and Ross picked up the book after a strong web following and strong word of mouth sales. Rocket Man is due to blast off April 26.


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