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Generation X Children of Divorce: In Case You Thought I Forgot

in case you thought i forgot, originally uploaded by JKönig.

I discovered this photo several months ago on Flickr along with the poignant, extended caption. It’s been made available by JKönig via the Creative Commons License.

It feels like a rare find; an actual photograph reflecting the collective experience of many Generation X children of divorce. We, the battle-scarred veterans of broken homes.

From the Book of Revelation: Behold, I am making all things new…write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.

Photo Caption
this is a photograph of me from the summer of ’73,
taken by my father.
i don’t remember him taking it.
i don’t remember what i was reading.
i don’t remember the bedspread
or the t-shirt
or the pink crayon stub.
i sort of remember the doorknob.
and i vaguely remember the feeling
of the sadness on my face.
but i know i remember the night
just two months later
when my mother sat with me
on the bed in my room
in the middle of the night
holding me
rocking me
telling me
his leaving wasn’t my fault.
i still remember that.

What do you remember about Generation X children of divorce?

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