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Blog celebrates 30th Anniversary of E.T.

I discovered a new blog today dedicated to Generation X’s most beloved alien, E.T. This Is Your Alien publishes on Tumblr and features vintage pictures of the extra-terrestrial. The Tumblr features a few dozen Gen Xers in E.T. Halloween costumes or devouring E.T. birthday cakes, etc.

OE.T. Movie Posterne of my best friends in high school, A. was in love with E.T. It was so cute! I recall her carrying an E.T. doll with her to every class in our sophomore year. She also was the first person to perpetuate the calling of me by my maiden name, Elliott, which I shared with the movie’s protagonist.

I also remember our friend, Jennifer using an E.T. theme in a regional FHA speech contest. She put two colanders together to create a spaceship and ended her presentation with the importance of always phoning home. It was so terrific and she won first place.

Anyway, big props to the creator of this Tumblr site. You can also follow This is Your Alien on Twitter.

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  1. Territory Mom

    Love this movie, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it. Love that we now have Reese’s Pieces because of it.


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