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Picking Blackberries In Oklahoma City

Little Boy Eating Blackberries

Wonderful Sullivan, you’re Irish in so many ways. I see Jesus in you every day. If you don’t play ice hockey and win a gold medal, I totally expect you to become a priest. Choose wisely, son.

Visiting Sunberry Orchard is something we’ve done every July for the last four years. Sully especially loves to pick the berries and doesn’t even mind the thorns. He was such a trooper today and found the entire visit a thrilling adventure.
Young Girl Picking Blackberries

Juliette, I have never laughed with anyone the way I’ve laughed with you. You are the best. Don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. And, you look great in braces.

My oldest, Juliette. She is such a huge help with the little ones. Before the end of the day she’ll have made blackberry cobbler. She also wants to make tart blackberry ice cream. She’s turned out to be quite a little cook.
Little Girl with Braids

Super Bridgy, you have the sweetest smile of anyone I’ve ever known. Stay kind, baby girl. You are the gift I always hoped for.

My youngest in braids. The Achumawi have made their mark. She decided to lose her shirt about five minutes into the orchard. My hands and my heart are full of this precious little girl, now four.

Bridgy and Daddy braving the heat and grasshoppers.

Thanks, Sunberry Orchard, for another great day of picking! For more information about Oklahoma’s wonderful agritourism industry, visit Oklahoma Agritourism: Oklahoma’s Growing Adventure.
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  1. jennifer

    @LE and MOM – Thank you! Yes, and more precious the older we all get.

  2. Anonymous

    This is pure “Sonshine.” What a Blessing. Smiles — Everyone!
    Love you– Mom

  3. le@thirdontheright

    how lovely jen 🙂 family time is precious time le xox


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