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Are 40-something women fooling themselves?

A few weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times published an article about Generation X women looking younger longer. It was re-tweeted about a million times. Here is an excerpt:

The first wave of Gen-Xers has rounded 40, and they are changing the face of what it means to be middle-aged. Women of this generation — think Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie — are pushing waifish teens off magazine covers, starring in movies, inspiring cosmetics and fragrances, wearing bikinis at the beach and minis to the mall.

Today, the Detroit Free Press has an article about how women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s (could they add another decade?) can make fashion work for them. Basically, grow old gracefully and stop shopping in the juniors department.

40-Something Women

Today, The Onion also features Generation X women on their cover. The satirical headline is Classic Looks For 40-Something Women Married For The Second Time And Trying To Get Pregnant.”

That stung a little.

Winona Ryder, Actress

Winona Ryder, Actress

Yesterday, was Winona Ryder’s 40th birthday. Earlier this year, The Onion reported that she’d finally agreed to sleep with Generation X (ridiculous), and yesterday, Zap 2 It referred to her as Generation X’s “unabated crush.”

So, Generation X’s 40-something women are making headlines — about looking young and being desirable. As the LA Times article pointed out, lifestyles, attitudes, and beauty products are helping Gen X women feel more youthful. Nevertheless, people view middle-aged women through their own lens. Check out these tweets about Generation X, 40-something women from Millennials and Generation Z. Brace yourself. This could be painful.

“Mexican restaurants are a good place for husbands to go and watch other 40 something year old women in tight clothes.” 

“That awkward moment when you see an overweight washed up 40-something year old woman in the ‘sexy referee’ costume.” 

“Just saw beaten down 40 something women with a cigarette and a bag full of anguish dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz…I hate Halloween.” 

“Basketball Wives…30-40 something year old women acting like they’re 15.” 

“Why these 40 something women in my family bouncing they a** to grey songs unusual?” 

“Only 40 something year old woman I’ll date is Janet Jackson!” 

“I’m worried that when I’m 40 something I’m still going to find middle aged women repulsive.” 

Pretty awful, huh?

So, what do you think? Are 40-something women fooling themselves or do you agree with the USA Today article from this past summer, Among Generation X women, age 40 is party time


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  1. jennifer

    @LE – Dead Fred!! haha1! Can I come to the south of NZ?

  2. le@thirdontheright

    hey jen loving these images of you jen 🙂 40 something – blah better than dead fred 🙂 personally I’m going to have a mini mid life crisis, quit work and move to a beachside in the south of NZ and live a different life for the next forty 🙂 le xox

  3. jennifer

    @HEYRAY – I truly hope we meet someday. Anyone who can spot Queen Helene – serious EQ/IQ quotient mix going on.

  4. HeyRay

    Too many questions to answer! Too many things to comment on! I have had all of these thoughts in my head and haven’t been able to corral them in one place. Thanks for all the links, I’m going to dive into them all. But I will say this…your hair looks FABULOUS in the hot rollers shot! And let me guess, Queen Helene’s mint julep mask? I recognize that shade of green. 🙂

  5. jennifer

    @ANONYMOUS, I mean ROBERT: I can spot your comments from a mile away. 😉

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve been with an X woman for 10 years. And I have to say they are the best in everything they try.

  7. Anonymous

    Jen67, who are the ladies in the pics? Sign me up for a 40-something.


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