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Halloween Visitors to the Oval Office, 1963: JFK, John, Jr., Caroline

JFK Halloween With His Kids

President John F. Kennedy with John, Jr. and Caroline, October 31, 1963 | Photo Courtesy of U.S. National Archives | via Flickr | Unrestricted Use

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  1. jennifer

    @JIM OMGosh – he only had three more weeks to live. How devastating. We hear the story 10 million times, but somehow, seeing him with his kids on Halloween brings all home again. RIP JFK.

  2. jennifer

    @YOGI – You said it perfectly – “Great animated genuine laugh…”

  3. Yogi♪♪♪

    What a great animated genuine laugh. I was in 3rd grade at the time before Halloween was thought to turn us all in to godless Democrats. We had a day at school where everybody would bring their costumes to school and at lunch there would be a parade on the school grounds with all the students by class with their costumes.

  4. Jim Smith

    Wow…that is a truly haunting photo considering the date. Great find Jen.

  5. jennifer

    I know! I miss them. They were awesome.


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