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Thanksgiving Barbie Through the Generations

I love these Thanksgiving Barbie pictures that highlight different generations. And, I love the color scheme in this kitchen.

Early 60s Thanksgiving Barbie. I’m digging Midge’s little aqua check jacket.

Check out Francie, Ken and Skipper. Francie was always my favorite.

I want to live in a diorama.

I still have this yellow vinyl poncho in my box of old Barbie stuff.

Older Baby Boomer Barbie | Source is eizilly via Flickr with Blogger Share Function Enabled

I had to go with the Housewives of OC variety since there were no Gen X Barbies wearing flannel and cooking turkey.


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  1. Andi

    OMG, this is awesome, love it!

  2. jennifer

    @LE – I bet I still have one or two more days of playing Barbies left in my lifetime. When I pack up for the nursing home I’m taking my old Barbies with me. haha!

  3. le@thirdontheright

    too funny …. MIC just got my old barbies out of the box and the boys have been playing dress up ever since 🙂 le xox

  4. jennifer

    @JUNKDRAWER – Thank you. You’ve started making me think an awful lot about zombies lately. After one of your posts/references I watched Day of the Dead for the first time. ahhhhh!!

    @NAYSUE – Thank you! Do you have any of those photos? I never photographed my Barbies, but lord, I played with them every day until I was 14!

    @ROSE BYRD – Thanks, Rose! It makes me think of your Leave It To Beaver comment. I wish I were living in the first picture and not the Gen X Wives of OC picture. (Not that I’m in that scene either, but you know what I mean.)

    @YOGI!! LOL. I thought it made for a great punchline even if it would have been more appropriate to have the fighting women as Gen Xers. haha!

  5. Yogi♪♪♪

    That last one made me laugh. You have such a sly sense of humor.

  6. Rose Byrd

    Wa-aa-aayy too cute while being wa–aa-yy right on the money, Jen!Thanks for this post on a day when most of us need some self-reflecting chuckles. This puts a whole lot in perspective, does it not?

  7. naysue

    As a long-term fan of Barbie–and someone who took photographs of her Barbies in different scenarios–I love this post!

  8. junkdrawer67

    Awesome! Love it, Jen!

    After my turkey day dinner, football, and pie, I’ll be curling up with a good zombie novel. feast feast feast

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