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This Oklahoma Life: Walcourt, Classen’s North Highland Parked

I have always loved the Walcourt Building, which is located on Walnut Street on NE 13th Street, about 10 blocks from the Oklahoma State Capitol. I keep thinking something truly wonderful awaits this building as it has architectural and historical significance to Oklahoma City.

A couple of years ago, Abandoned OK published a blog post about the building. According to the Oklahoma County Tax Assessor the property is owned by Mary and John H Williams II Trust, and the property is valued at $104,000.

I’m in and out of this neighborhood quite often, but only recently were these decorative historic neighborhood markers installed identifying the area as Classen’s North Highland Parked. If I’m not mistaken, CNHP is one of six residential additions that comprise Heritage Hills, Oklahoma City’s first historic preservation district. The other plats are West Highland Parked; Colcord Heights; Winan’s Highland Terrace; Winan’s Second Addition and Harndale Addition.

I think Classen’s North Highland Parked is the next hot, historic addition in Oklahoma City. It’s seeing significant revitalization. There are quite a few houses being renovated and the number of infills (new homes built on empty and/or cleared lots) has increased. A handful of homes are currently for sale. I hope the Walcourt escapes demolition. It makes the perfect bookend to this neighborhood.

What would you do with the Walcourt?

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  1. Jenny

    I , like you,come in and out of the neighborhood often and love this building . I would love to renovate it to be a beautiful wedding venue.

    • Jennifer

      I’ve heard renovation is finally in the works at Walcourt. I hope it can be saved. I agree – a wedding venue would be wonderful.

    • Bernice Hoefer

      I would love to buy it today with some help using Tax Credits. I would make senior apartments out of it.

      Bernice Hoefer

  2. Rose Byrd

    Jenn, I always enjoy your tweets and your posts. This building is so beautify and deserves to be saved and USED! You and Jim should definitly pursue this. Unfortunately, I am looking at lodges in North GA or eastern NC, which would put us between the two grown children’s households. Am also looking forward to reading more about your classroom experiences soon. What about any one-of-a-kind comments about Pilgrms and Indians at first Thanksgiving?

  3. jennifer

    @JIM – Yes!! I want to go in on it with you. I’ve been thinking about writing Mary a letter.

  4. Jim Smith

    I love buildings like this…but I hate to see them go so long without being used. I would love to buy a place like this some day and put it to good use. Want to go in with me? 🙂

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