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Tumbleweed Snowman Picture

…Summer, long forgotten and forgiven gives you away.
Presses you into the chain links of a cold high fence,
In the City of Angels.
Tumbleweed, you gathered no snow.
But in threes, gathered together, the angels make you into a snowman.
Your thorns painted white and your smile just so.
With a hat and a scarf and a long carrot nose…
Mary Ellen Smith, Tumbleweed Snowman

Every kid wants a snowman and a white Christmas at some point. The love and creativity of this mom really warm my heart and inspires me. She wanted to give her kids what Mother Nature couldn’t give them, so she painted tumbleweeds and hooked them together to form Frosty! It’s the sweetest thing ever!

I lived in Kermit from 1976 to 1978. Among my most vivid memories are tumbleweeds tumbling down Harrison Avenue.


Check out the tumbleweed snowman on Prairie Mother’s blog.

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  1. Rose Byrd

    I never thought tumbleweeds could get inside my heart the way these in the picture just did!

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