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Sully Sings O Come O Come Emmanuel

Sullivan Lane, or Sully as we call him, is six now. Tonight, he played outside and when he came in he was freezing. He sat down at my feet next to the portable space heater and while he warmed himself up he sang this song over and over. I finally grabbed my Flip camera and asked him if he’d mind if I recorded him.

Here is Sully singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

Sully played outside tonight for a little while and when he came in he was cold so he sat at my feet next to the portable heater. While he warmed up he sang this song over and over. I finally grabbed the Flip and asked if I could record him. It gets a little long, repetitive and he doesn’t know all the words. And, I love every second of it. =)

Merry Christmas!
His name is called Emmanuel: God with us, revealed in us.

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