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How To Make A Cucumber Canoe

How to make a Cucumber CanoeCucumber Canoe

Well I said don’t worry
Yes I know this boat seems small
If you just trust me
Then our canoe won’t sink at all…

I have three children whose ages span preschool to 8th grade. Nobody has to tell me how quickly childhood passes because I see it for myself everyday.

I know I am living through the summer of my life. The grapes on the vine are heavy with sweetness, the skin on the fruit splitting with discovery and joy. Even on the days when the heat index is so high I want to collapse and escape, I know every moment of every day that I am blessed to be the mother of Juliette, Sullivan and Bridgette.

Canoe made out of a cucumber

Cucumber Canoe Song by The Missing Piece

That’s why when I climb into the car and play taxi driver, I sacrifice my beloved NPR for Kids Place Live on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. I love so many of the songs they play, and the kids really love them! They help minimize backseat squabbles and turn boring drives into mini adventures.

One of our favorite songs is Cucumber Canoe by The Missing Piece (Seth and Leah Decker), an Atlanta-based band whose mission has been to inspire young rockers to explore music from different genres and styles.

Superman toyHave a listen and enjoy, because eventually, childhood sails away.

And now we’re so happy
Seeing all there is there is to see
‘Cause you took a chance
On this cucumber with me…

Check out the Disney Family Fun website article on how to make a cucumber canoe.

Superman in a cucumberHere’s pretty much how to make a cucumber canoe: cut a filet out of the cucumber and then scoop out the inside. =)


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  1. jenx67

    Rob, Can you stop by the store and get five cucumbers. You always go and never as FOR WHAT?!? thx. =)

  2. jenx67

    Thanks for letting me know. Did you ever start getting my emails?

  3. Rose Byrd

    Jen, just so you know, Facebook blocked this URL, okay?  Weird!  Anyway, I LOVE the song,love the fact the band is in Atlanta (where my grandchildren live, yeah!), love this juicy, messy, very seedy cucumber most of all!  Thanks for great ideas.  I always pass them on!

  4. yogiabb

    I love your cucumber canoe, and the action figures, and the look on the one’s face.

  5. Rob

    Now I understand why we needed 5 cucumbers. One for each of us.


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