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Spring Break at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge

During Spring Break we tried to do as many activities as we had time to do and could afford. We went to the carnival on SW 29th and to the Science Museum one day. We visited Andy Alligator’s Fun Park and spent one day at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. The trip to the refuge included a stop by the world-famous Meers Store where we stuffed down hamburgers and banana pudding. If you’ve never been to the Meers Store, you really should try and go. It’s quite an adventure. It’s been featured on the Food Network and as an Editor’s Pick on Travelocity.

Wichita Wildlife Refuge, 2011

Juliette and Sullivan, Wichita Wildlife Refuge, 2011

This is Juliette and Sullivan on top of Mount Scott. The wind really blows crazy in Oklahoma as witnessed by Juliette’s hair.

I’ve been to Mount Scott many times, but seldom in the spring. I was so impressed by all the bright green grass on the mountain. I closed my eyes and pretended I was someplace else far, far away, like Ireland or maybe Ohio. Ha!

Fields of purple flowers — I’ve only seen them in the movies. What about you? Maybe I don’t get out much. These weeds will have to do. There were small patches of them all over the wildlife refuge. I’ll take what I can get.

I saw a lot of cattle behind barb wire on private land outside the refuge. Inside the refuge, we saw a herd of buffalo sleeping and one longhorn. We got within 100 yards of a buffalo that was taking a little siesta. When he stood up to stand his ground we quietly walked away. =)

Route 66 Patch on Leather Jacket "Ride 2B Free"

The Meers Store is a popular destination for bikers — the bicycle and motorcycle kind. We saw plenty of both on Saturday.
The sky above Mount Scott and to the north was one of the most vibrant blue skies I’ve ever seen in Oklahoma. Dallas must not have been blowing its pollution this way on Saturday, although you can see plenty of haze in that first picture. This is Robert and Bridgette on a trail inside the wildlife refuge.
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  1. Karin (an alien parisienne)

     “I got sidetracked with a dozen projects and just realized I never responded to that email. I have so much to tell you…”

    No sweat!! Take as long as you want or need to — I’m not going anywhere! (or, my email addy isn’t, lol). I know the feeling. I was just thinking today that a while back you sent a group email about posting graffiti pics on Wednesdays (I think it was) and I was interested and then totally forgot about it. But I did think about it as I saw some graffiti in Paris today! I’ll look for that email. And yes, I am curious about all you have to tell, lol — REALLY curious, haha! Anyway, thanks & I’ll be back with you eventually about graffiti, too. 🙂

  2. Rose Byrd

    Jen, I am aching and thirsty from reading this most evocative post about your time with your kids on springbreak–I was sent spinning back about 25 years to these same types of times with my own GenX kiddoes, then school children!  Listen, you Gen X parents have nothing on us college educated boomers who had to have it ALL for our own children!  LOVE THIS POST!

  3. jenx67

     Thanks, Yogi. Raising kids is very hard…If you make it to Meers take eat the cobbler and homemade ice cream or the banana pudding. I didn’t know banana pudding could taste that good. Also, at 1115, there was a line out the door. It looked worse than it was, however; it took us about 30 minutes to get a seat.

  4. jenx67

     It is so funny isn’t it? People would be surprised how much is written about this generation and that generation having the same terrible qualities or collective persona. And, almost always with Generations X, Y and Z it’s lazy, cynical, unaware, etc. Maybe they’re just talking about humans!! I’m glad you left this note. I got sidetracked with a dozen projects and just realized I never responded to that email. I have so much to tell you…

  5. jenx67

     Thank you! I really didn’t even think anyone would read this post. Your comment made my day!

  6. jenx67

    Thank you! I always wonder if airfare is so pricey b/c there has to be a price point that freezes out a lot of people b/c if it were cheap everyone would be going everywhere all the time and it would be a burden the airlines couldn’t sustain. Marketing 101 I guess. Ugh. And, I also wonder – if we didn’t call them weeds if we’d love them more. Enjoy the holiday, Le. They grow up so fast and it doesn’t get easier I don’t think. I know this now with my oldest now 14!

  7. Leanne Mash

    morning Jen – loved this post – these are the best kinds of breaks – well done you 🙂 love mt scott – looks majestic and interesting and somehow a bit errie all at once … our babes start hols on monday – two weeks with easter in the middle … we will be staying home unless there are $100 airfares to NZ – doubt it …. and like you fields of weeds make my heart sing 🙂 we are so easily please … le xox

  8. Stinson Anderson

    Beautiful post.  It helped me today to overlook the bank account and the price of gasoline.  Thank you Jen!

  9. Karin (an alien parisienne)

    What a beautiful spot, Jen! Living in a city but being someone from a place with a lot of wonderful natural settings, I miss stuff like this a lot. It looks like a great Spring Break adventure.

    I cracked up at this: “The headline sounds an awful lot like some I’ve read about Generation X: “Generation Z Teens Stereotyped As Lazy and Unaware.”” LOL. You know, dontcha just think that perhaps it is older generations that label every younger generation after it as “lazy and unaware”? Seems like that is the trend in history. Except for the Boomers who came of age in the 60s who were “idealistic and lazy” (lol — just a variation on the theme!). I’m going to go read the article now. 🙂

    Have a good rest-of-the-week!

  10. yogiabb

    I love Mount Scott, I used to hide up there when I worked in the field. Huge company radio reception that high, in the days before cell phone coverage in the boonies. 

    Nice geocache up there now.Love the first windy photo, You are a great Mom, taking your kids on little adventures. 

    Never ate at Meers store, lines out the door everytime we go by. We stop at Jakes in Chickasha on the way back home instead.


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