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How Kids Change Over the Course of a Generation 1982 to 2012 [Infographic]

Here’s a great infographic on how kids change through the generations, specifically 1982, when Generation X was a teenager to today, 2012, when the younger members of Gen Y are preparing to graduate high school.

Kids Today 1982 Gen X vs Gen Z 2012

Generations Infographic courtesy

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. granbee

    Love the greater diversity, the greater intentions to pursue further education, the increase in numbers practicing safe sex. Wonderful infographic once again, Jen. You are SO good at this!

  2. Andi

    Always love these infographics and I can totally relate to this one!

  3. Jennifer James

    Blogger is suppose to be enabling threaded comments, but because I have tweaked my template so much, it’s not working. I had to remove DISQUS for several reasons, mostly it was painfully slowing down my site. In the meantime I have to do this the old-fashioned way, which reminds me why I switched to DISQUS. Ugh.

    Anyway — @ANDI – I was stunned to read grad rates had DROPPED. In America. We’re going in the wrong direction.

    YOGI – I knew this about the DLs. Probably all of us not wanting our kids to drive too young b/c they knew how bad we drove. =)

    NICHOLE!! Wow – Thanks for stopping by. Your book is soooo amazing – your site. Andi introduced it to me a long time ago. I love it. Good luck with your book launch. I hope my using your idea wasn’t offensive. I tried to give you credit. =)

    STEVE – I totally agree, dear. *totally* (insert 80s/Valley G accent*

  4. Steve Lackmeyer

    Coleco Vision and not Atari? Seriously??? Come on now…

  5. Jen

    Nice! Great to see “preparing for college” rates so much higher. Maybe there has been even more change since 2004.

  6. Yogi♪♪♪

    I know more teenagers now than I did back in ’82 but the inforgraphic seems spot on. The diversity data is telling, and the career aspirations has gone from engineering and the hard sciences to “softer” fields. When I was that age, you got your driver’s license as soon as you could. More and more kids are deferring getting theirs.

  7. Andi Perullo

    I’m so sad that the graduation rate has dropped!

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