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Myriad Gardens Children’s Playground (Grow Sign)

This is my Father’s world.
He shines in all that’s fair.
In the rustling grass, I hear Him pass
He speaks to me everywhere.

Myriad Gardens Children's Playground GROW Sign

Last Sunday, we took the kids to the Children’s Garden in downtown Oklahoma City (Reno Avenue between Broadway and Classen), which is part of the newly renovated Myriad Gardens. The Office of James Burnett out of Solana Beach, California, designed all this magic in coordination with several consultants.*

My kids absolutely loved this place! If not for the promise of a trip to Martin Nature Park, we would have dragged them away kicking and screaming.
Myriad Gardens Children's Playground Oklahoma City
Robert asked me what these things were and I was never so happy to tell him: Cattails! That’s what they remind me of anyway – the cattails that grew in our yard in Hacienda Heights, California. I just love them. They bend with a boing. Fun!

Myriad Gardens Crystal Bridge Oklahoma City

This is the beautiful Crystal Bridge in downtown Oklahoma City. It houses a botanical garden. When Robert worked for the tourism department, which is located in the First National Center, he ran here every day during his lunch hour. That was before the renovation. He used to say he practically had the park to himself. I can promise you, nobody will ever this park to himself again. It is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts next week (April 24-29), which takes place in and around this area.

Myriad Gardens Children's Playground Devon Energy

Sullivan had a blast climbing on this earthy berm, which is fitted with steel poles to create an innovative slide. In the background is the recently-constructed skyscraper for Devon Energy, now the tallest building in Oklahoma.

Myriad Gardens Children's Playground Fountain Sprayground

This gorgeous tiled structure is really a spray-ground and interactive children’s fountain. It sprays water up and down and mimics fog, thunder, and lightning. I read somewhere that it will begin spraying water on May 1. My kids are going to love this!

Myriad Gardens Children's Garden

The Children’s Garden actually features planter boxes with various vegetables growing.

Myriad Gardens Children's Garden Ruppert Landscape

Eventually, thousands of parents will have taken their kids to the Children’s Playground at Myriad Gardens just to get their picture with the emblematic GROW structures.

Oklahoma City Myriad Gardens Children's Playground
Bridgette lays on the G in Grow at the Myriad Gardens Children’s Playground in Oklahoma City. Happy Earth Day, everybody!

*When I first published this post, I attributed the credit to one of several builders on the project, Ruppert, a Maryland landscape contractor. I have updated the post with the correct information.

In February 2014, my picture of my baby girl, not so baby anymore, the Super Bridgy, appeared in Velocity, a publication of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

Myriad Gardens Children’s Playground GROW Sign Featured In Chamber Pub Velocity

Grow Picture Velocity


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  1. jenx67

    “Closed Until Further Notice.” That is hilaroius. And, four years after the Penn Square Bank meltdown, so that wasn’t to blame. Or maybe it was. 😉 Still closed, four years later. We were so terribly bored. My kids get to grow up in a different city. But, I tell you what, those of us who remember those days and stuck it out – we’re bonded!!  And, yes, it was creepy, I’m sad to say. I never went there. It was like Quail Springs Mall, 1978.

  2. jenx67

    And, i didn’t even take any pictures of the orange and yellow balls. =) Next time! Or the winding staircase. It’s pretty fantastic.

  3. Rose Byrd

    Jen, this Childen’s Playground at Myriad Gardens in OKC is just TOO wonderful.  You WOULD have had to drag me away kicking and screaming, I don’t care what you were promising!  Fantastic educational aspects here for children and families, as well.  And the GROW installation is simply dreamy!

  4. yogiabb

    As always cute pics. We are going to have to check this out next time we are in the City. Plus two new geocaches for me to find. The old park was nice for geocaching but totally creepy. I’m hoping that it is more open now. You posted earlier about how boring Oklahoma City was in the mid 1980’s. Imagine my disappointment in ’86 when I ventured downtown to visit the famous gardens and the big crystal bridge was closed until further notice. Bummer.

  5. Carleen

    looks wonderful.You’ll have to go back in like 5/10 yrs time a repose Miss B on the G again for a cool growth comparison!

  6. le_third

    just love love love this park Jen – what a JOY ! le xox


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