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Kindergarten Scholar

This poem was written by my father, William Edgar Elliott, in 1965. He wrote it for my brother Billy who had just started Kindergarten. My son Sullivan’s last day of Kindergarten is tomorrow!I’ve never posted any of my father’s poetry on the Internet, but this poem has already been published on the worldwide web (2009). It has meant a lot to our family over the years, and is especially meaningful to me now that I have a growing boy.
Boy in camouflage shirt

Field Day at School | Sully was on the “Camouflage Team” | I love you, forever, Son.


Kindergarten Scholar by William Edgar Elliott


Infant, infant, shining face

Will you take your destined place

With the small or with the great,

Men of valor, who create?


Infant, infant, little one,

You who sleep when day is done~

Rest you well, this carefree night,

The day to come shall bring new light!


Kneeling down, I kiss your cheek

Who tomorrow, starts to seek –

Hidden wealth in knowledge land

Secrets too, in grains of sand!


Tucking covers, under chin

This my flesh and blood and kin…

(Fading shade of summer tan!)

Child tonight, tomorrow – a man!

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  1. Jennifer James

    Thanks, ya’ll! My dad was/is pretty special!

  2. granbee

    How thrilling for Sullivan to have this “infant scholar” poem passed down from his grandfather through his uncle and his mom! Your photo of Sully here just beams with every word of these dear lines.

  3. Yogi♪♪♪

    That’s wonderful Jen, thank you for sharing.


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